Three phase step voltage regulator
1.Product Features1.1 Application auto formula transformer structure,achieve load …
Three phase step voltage regulator

Three phase step voltage regulator

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1.Product Features

1.1 Application auto formula transformer structure, achieve load automatic voltage regulator in ±20% range;

1.2 Have excellent Performance control and communication functions, achieved remote telemetry, remote letter, remote adjustment and remote control "four remotes";

1.3 Application unique anti-jamming measures, guarantee controller to work;

1.4 The controller features a high, low position limit protection prevents tap-stuck

1.5 On-load tap-tank and auto-transformer isolation tank body.

1.6 Small size, large capacity, light weight, low loss, easy to install.

1.7 Saving significant energy.

1.8 High performance, high reliability.

2.Main technical parameters

2.1. Regulating auto-transformer

(1)rated voltage:6kv、10kv、35kv;

(2)rated capacity:500kVA~~~6000 kVA;
(3)rated frequency:50Hz;
(5) cooling method:ONAN;
(6) Wiring:Three-phase three-wire star connection;
(7) Tap Series:7tap or 9tap;
(8) Pressure range:-10%~~+10%、-5%~~+15%、0~~+20%;

2.2. Automatic controller

(1)work power:100~~264V AC-DC;
(2)rated power:20W;
(3)rated frequency:50Hz;
(4) Analog:2 road 0~~220V amount of voltage input,1 road 0~~5A amount of current input,1 road oil temperature platinum resistance input;
(5) Switch:17 road switch inputs, 6 road switch outputs
(6) measurement accuracy:0.5 level
(7) anti-interference:conform IEC61000-4

2.3 Environmental conditions

(1) Altitude:less than 2000m;
(2) Ambient temperature:Highest temperature +50℃,lowest temperature -35℃;
(3) Pollution level:Ⅲ level;
(4) Outdoor wind speed does not exceed 35m/s;
(5) Earthquake horizontal acceleration is not greater than 3m/ s2,Vertical acceleration is not greater than 1.5m / s2, the safety factor is greater than 1.67.

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