Prefabricated switchgear substation
General: Design & manufacture Prefabricated outdoor SF6 switch (switchgear)…
Prefabricated switchgear substation

Prefabricated switchgear substation

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         Design & manufacture Prefabricated outdoor SF6 switch (switchgear) station,complete substation:
         Prefabricated outdoor SF6 switch station for the exchange of 50Hz, rated voltage 12kV, 24kV, 40.5kV power distribution 630A rated current distribution network of secondary structure. Can be used as urban residential areas and factories mainstream electricity supply program. The opening and closing the main switch by the use of SF6 gas-insulated and insulated the entire load interrupter switch, with a number of international patent technology. First imported into the round of insulating material made of branches of cable connectors, protection grade can reach IP68. Opening and closing the main use of 304 stainless steel outside the box and then the second spray process. 
       a. anti-filthy, anti-corrosion; 
       b. full-confined, all-insulated, maintenance-free; 
       c. ring network with SF6 load switch-type inflatable counters; 
       d. touch with silicone rubber cable plugs; 
       e. to meet local user groups focus on electricity supply; 
       f. with ordinary cable distribution boxes all the characteristics; 
       g. institutions can be allocated to electric operation; 
       h. can be set aside for distribution automation CT, PT interface. 
       The whole insulation, all sealed, anti-Gel; into line with three-position switch or circuit breaker SF6 load; into the round about at home, safe and reliable; can be allocated to electric operation agencies, and set aside automation interface; landscape design; wiring convenient and reliable, into the round can be equipped with anti-type fault indicator.

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