Auto recloser with manual closing
Auto recloser with manual closing deviceRCW(+) Auto recloser is a gas insulated au…
Auto recloser with manual closing

Auto recloser with manual closing

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Auto recloser with manual closing device

RCW(+) Auto recloser is a gas insulated auto reclosr with patented high reliable design manual closing device with interlock function.

It is also equipped with opening/locking device and base on a magentic actuator mechanism.

Long life, 30,000 times eectrical life and 100,000 time mechanical life.

This type recloser is some advantage:

1, Achieve Manual closing operation without electric power,  application for key point area, like power station, substation, main supply feeder.

2, Gas sealed IP67 class, Appliation for gas field, oil field, flammable and explosive area.

Why Rockwill's Recloser equipped with Manual closing device?

In case of the enduser request a continous power supply or request a maximum no outage electricity supply in most importance area, even in bad situation however the enduser not care about it like in small SEF or EF trouble, sometimes it is mandatory request by government or military affairs.

So THE manual closing device is very important function, for when the auto recloser is under problem of no electric-driving closing, or if any problem caused cant do close operation.

HOW Rockwill's Manual closing device works?

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