China Standard auto recloser
GB standard auto recloser is not a actual auto recloser as per IEC/IEEE/ANSI stand…
China Standard auto recloser

China Standard auto recloser

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GB standard auto recloser is not a actual auto recloser as per IEC/IEEE/ANSI standard!!


Why choose Auto-reclosing switchgear

When the overhead line fault is cleared, the circuit breaker is closed in a short time, which is called reclosing.

Because most of the overhead line faults are transient or temporary, reclosing is one of the self-restoring power supply methods commonly used in operation.

It can be concluded that reclosing is a functional requirement, which can be achieved by two ways:

1, Circuit breaker plus relay protection, Actually the China standard Recloser is a VCB with closing function protection relay.

2, Reclosure ie. Auto recloser. Which is IEC/ANSI/IEEEC standard auto recloser.

The advantages of using auto-reclosing switchgear are as follows:

1. Saving the comprehensive investment of substation

2. Improving the success rate of reclosing

3. The maintenance work is small

What is diffierent between china standard recloser and IEC/ANSI/IEEEC standard auto recloser.

Rockwill also offer China(GB) standard autto recloser, which is capability of SCADA system, Ready for GPRS/GSM/WIFI/BULETOOTH communication.

General say, the GB standard auto-reclosing switchgear (China standard Recloser or GB recloser) is come from USA auto recloser version and redesign and simple it according to china grid standard.

The GB standard auto-reclosing switchgear is actual a combinated type reclosing-VCB.

So GB standard auto recloser is only a auto-reclosing switchgear, which is not complete function, poor precision, less relay protections, poor logics, small measuring range, timing limitation,etc.. It is not proper auto recloser for aplication in IEEE/ANSI/IEC standard network.


Rockwill provide with you IEC/IEEE/ANSI standard Auto recloser.

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