Bulk metering unit
Outdoor Bulk metering unitGeneralRBM type three-phase oil-immersed outdoor high-vo…
Bulk metering unit

Bulk metering unit

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Outdoor Bulk metering unit


RBM type three-phase oil-immersed outdoor high-voltage power metering box (hereinafter referred to as metering box) applies to the rated voltage of 11-33kV, rated frequency of 50-60Hz for power measurement with the three-phase AC network, by the combination of transformer components.

This type of metering box for the following occasions Energy Measurement:

1.Various irrigation and drainage stations in rural enterprises, township enterprises, processing plants, small and medium factories, mines, transportation, public institutions as well as forestry, energy metering infrastructure temporarily located on site high-voltage transmission lines power station.

2. The product consists of a combination of transformers and metering meter box composition, combined transformer consists of three voltage transformers and three current transformers are assembled together.

3.Voltage transformer iron outer core is to use high-quality cold-rolled silicon steel sheet orientation is piled up in the column for the multi-step shape in a column equipped with primary and secondary coils.

4.Current transformer core is iron formula, with high-quality cold-rolled silicon steel sheet orientation is piled up in the legs of equipped with primary and secondary coils.

5. Porcelain jacket by conductive bars will lead to a supply voltage, current transformers with wiring. Voltage and current transformers are fixed on the pallet, the pallet support bar by lifting the lid on, and immersed in transformer oil.

6. High-voltage lead casing, the second casing mounted on the lead cover, tank side with the drain plug grounding bolts.

Using condition

Ambient temperature: -40℃~+85℃, day temperature difference: 25℃;

Altitude:≤3000m area;

Wind speed no exceeds 35m/s;

No normally intensity vibration

No intensity erosion gas, medium place (for example acid, alkali, smother eg.)

Pollution class: IV class;

Charge temperature -40℃~+85℃.


Voltage Ratio


Current Ratio




VT accurate Durban (VA)

CT accurate Durban (VA)

Insulation level (kV)














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