RCS type Capswitch Capacitor switch
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The RCS type Capswitch / Capacitor Switch

Rcs type Capswitch/Capacitor switch is a C2/C3 class special switchgear, Full complied with IEEE/ANSI C37.66 standard.

Rockwill offer you options: 

Three phase solution,RCS-3N and RCS-3

Single phase solution,RCS-1


The main difference between RCS-3 and RCS-3N:

Standard RCS-3 capacitor switch is using magnetic actuator.

The normal economic type RCS-3N is using spring mechanism.


RCS-3N is upgarded type switch from RLW-24 and RLW-36 type vacuum load break switch.


The Rockwill’s new generation RCS capacitor switch is a long mechnical life design vacuum switch that provides an operational life of over 100,000 (30,000open/close) maintenance-free operations.

Using the RCS will result in substantial savings from reduced maintenance and maximized bank uptime and will also improve Power Quality.
The RCS all comply with relevant standards.

Using condition:

Ambient temperature: -40 ~+85 , day temperature  difference: 25℃;
Altitude:≤1000m area;
Wind speed no exceeds 35m/s;
No normally intensity vibration
No intensity erosion gas, medium place (for example acid, alkali, smother eg.)
Pollution class: IV class;
Charge temperature -40℃~+85℃。

With optional classes for rated current range:
Rated voltage: up to 38 kV.
Rated current: 200A up to 600A, Max 32.5 kA making capacity.
With 2NO/NC Auxiliary switch contacts prepared for wiring
Auxiliary switch, with 600 Vac(240Vdc) insulation level, and 7.5A carry current.
With high distance creepage
More than 1300 mm creepage distance


(*) is meant special for optional. When needed should discuss with our engineer.

Best solution for your power!
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