RLW series pole mounted vacuum LBS
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Sheet for define of difference function switch:


Type and code

Description of function

1 RLW-12/630-20 Basic switch , rating voltage 12kV and rated current 630Aand short circuit withstand current 20kA


Basic switch with disconnector switch, rating voltage 12kV and rated current 630A and short circuit withstand current20kA
3 RLW-12G/630P20 Basic switch with disconnector switch, rating voltage 12kV and rated current 630A and short circuit withstand current 20kA. And with Current transformer 600/5A for relay protection.

Note:Special order or requirement can consult with Rockwill’s Engineer.


RLW &RCS-3N type medium-voltage pole mounted vacuum load break switch is a 3 phase full new design technology switch.I ts used on overhead distribution

lines as well as distribution substation applications for voltage classes 11kV up to 38kV. And its rated current can reach up to 1250A.
System solution for switching and sectionalizing line as well as automation and control systems,

e.g. in:
■ Power plants
■ Switching substations
■ Companies in all industrial sectors
■Water treatment plants
■ Office and administrative buildings
■ Airports and logistic centres
■ Oil/Gas plants

Standards and specifications:
Switchgear manufacture
The switchgear complies with the following specifications in accordance with relevant IEC publications:  IEC62271-100/ GB1984-2003 or ANSI/IEEE C37.66

Operating conditions:

• Ambient temperature:
–Maximum +40℃, –Maximum 24 hour average +35℃
–Minimum (according to “minus 5 indoor class”) –40℃
• Humidity:
–Monthly average humidity 95%; Daily average humidity 90% .
• Maximum site altitude: ≤ 3000 M above sea level.

Special operating conditions:

Special operating conditions are to be agreed on by the manufacturer and user.
The manufacturer must be consulted in advance about each special operating condition:
• Site altitude over 1000 m:

–Allow for the reduction in the dielectric strength of the air.
• Increased ambient temperature:
–Current carrying capacity is reduced.
–Provide additional ventilation for heat dissipation.
• Climate:
–Avoid the risk of corrosion or other damage in areas:
• with high humidity and/or with major rapid temperature fluctuations.
– Implement preventive measures (e.g. electric heaters) to preclude condensation phenomena.

Creepage Distances of RLW (RCS-3N)


15kV BIL

15kV BIL

27kV BIL

38kV BIL

T to T*


More than 968mm

T to G/E*


More than 960mm

T to T* -----Terminal to terminal creepage
T to G/E* -----Terminal to ground/earth creepage

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