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Meeting with Rockwill T&D Group team in spring canton fair! Stand 10.3J42 and 11.3E03. From 14th-19th/Apr.
Date:2018-08-21 View:481
Rockwill T & D Group's Tanzania transformer factory officially start production! Eminvac power & Rockwill T&D Group is now looking for cooperation of financing +EPC for power industry turnkey project. Contract value start from USD20,
Date:2018-08-21 View:449
Congratulations to Rockwill's pole mounted load break switch passed the KEMA type test! Next KEMA products is recloser, ring main unit,....
Date:2018-10-11 View:376
Series products! Power transformer, High voltage circuit breaker & gas insulated switchgear, dry toe transformer, step voltage regulator, reactor, distribution transformer, ring main unit, transfomer substation, compact substation, pad mounted tr
Date:2018-10-11 View:331
Rockwill Electric Group benefits for world!At year of 2015, we found the Tanzania transformer factory!Today, we are launching the Africa biggest factory of Insulator, Fuse cutout, Surge arrester at first step.The second step we are looking for more o
Date:2018-11-26 View:231
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