Product introduction

Outdoor switch

Automatic circuit recloser is a new generation latest technology recloser, covering 15kV,27kV,38kV voltage rating, the current rating up to 1250A,20kA at 50/60Hz network. also provide with most advanced reclosing controller which offering mufti options as same as the world-brand offered.provide with latest SCADA system which gather location,map, road guide application rely on a mobile-phone app software.

Indoor switch

The vacuum circuit-breakers are intended for indoor installation in air-insulated switchgear systems. They have a switching capacity capable of handling the loads occurring at start-up and shutdown of equipment and plant units both in normal and in fault state.


100% factory-tested without the need for further tests on site Easy upgraded to meet your need and adapted to the extension of your installations. intelligent, connectable components provide continuous information about the health of your electrical installations, enabling asset management optimization through preventive maintenance.


Specializes in developing, manufacturing and marketing power transformers, amorphous alloy transformers, intelligent transformers, control switches and microcomputer-based protection systems, substations, pad-mounted substation as well as assemblies


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