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DOWNLOAD: New RPS SF6 load break switch catalog
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Load break switch with Manual operation mechanismSF6 Gas insulated load break switch (switch disconnector) type RPS-12/27/38-20 is suitable for the rated voltage up to 40.5kV,rated current 400A-630A, 50/60Hz power system.SF6 breaking on load break sw
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RLW type Solid dielectric load break switch RLW type load break switch is a solid dielectric type with silicone rubber coating outdoor switchgear, which is adopt vacuum interrupting technology, equipped with a spring mechanism. RLW type load break sw
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What is load break switchA load break switch ie. on load break switch (LBS) which is a capable small fault current breaking switchgear.It is not like VCB or GCB which can even breaking short circuit current, Thus load break switch is actual a on load
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