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Outdoor Bulk metering unitGeneralRBM type three-phase oil-immersed outdoor high-voltage power metering box (hereinafter referred to as metering box) applies to the rated voltage of 11-33kV, rated frequency of 50-60Hz for power measurement with the th
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SF6 gas insulated ring main unitRockwill provide with you whole solution for SF6 gas insulated switchgear.The range of voltage rating from 12kV, 24kV to 36kV.Current rating from 630A to 3150A.Short circuit current rating from 16kA to 40kA.RMR RMU is
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General:RMR is a ring main unit for the secondary distribution network. RMR can be supplied in 10 different configurations suitable for mostswitching applications in 12/24 kV distribution networks. It is extendable and combined with the SafePlus conc
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The RMR series is completely insulated SF6 Ring Main Unit, This product is in conformity with the standards the GB/IEC standard and the design of a high safety combined switch cabinets.One of the main components of circuit breaker and load break swit
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OMR outdoor Ring Main UnitThe OMR Ring main unit is with option for different application. as a extensible or non extensible RMU.The OMR comprising of a Tee off vacuum circuit breaker and two fault-make load break ring switches contained within a com
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What is RMU, Ring main unitA Ring Main Unit (RMU) is a totally sealed with SF6 gas or other insulation material, Rockwill's RMU is a gas-insulated compact switchgear unit.A ring main unit (RMU) which is a factory assembled, metal enclosed set of
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