Congratulations to Rockwill Bangladesh Team Rockwill Bangladesh Team had just succesful completed 33/11kV 10MVA turnkey substation project.  Thanks to all of Rockwill Team members.
Date:2019-04-04 View:514
Completed KE Turnkey project EPC
Date:2019-07-18 View:367
Rockwill Group products in west africa Switchgear installation Distribution transformer
Date:2019-04-04 View:644
Congratulations to Rockwill Group. That Completed first afghanistan 110kV/20kV substation EPC with Sam Electric for power supply to President gate project in April 2018.The minister from government present the thanks words.
Date:2019-06-25 View:745
Completed substation 250-400kva,800kva,35/0.4kv at Loudima of Congo The substation was completed in Loudima of Congo,And it has run successfully.Transport from Rockwill in 2016 and installation in Loudima of Congo in January 2017.There was two types
Date:2019-07-01 View:625
ANSI/IEEE C37.60 standard Auto recloser in Venezuela,Colombia,Brazil,Mexico,Argentina,Paraguay,etc....
Date:2019-09-30 View:141
The Cambodia customers are enjoy with Rockwill's Auto recloser quality and perfect service.This is good quality and friendly technology , Rockwill benefits you.
Date:2019-09-30 View:97
Rockwill will always provide with best service and good products for Africa brothers.Nowdays Rockwill has exceed 1200 nos Auto recloser running in Africa.
Date:2019-09-30 View:97
For philippines auto recloser market, Rockwill provide with different offers for difereent demand customer.
Date:2019-09-30 View:78
Rockwill's Auto recloser in Vietnam - Vietnam customer is very happy for our Auto recloser with advanced technology and Good quality.
Date:2019-09-30 View:172
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