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RW1800 Substation Automation SCADA System
RW1800 is a new-generation substation automation system which is suitable for subs…
RW1800 Substation Automation SCADA System

RW1800 Substation Automation SCADA System

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RW1800 is a new-generation substation automation system which is suitable for substation automation, large-scale factory monitoring, mini SCADA and other field requirements. It is a dispersed, hierarchical and distributed object-oriented system, in which the IEDs and computers are substituted for lots of devices with single function such as relays, meters, indicators, automation devices and panels. Local Area Network (LAN) is also substituted for plentiful cables. The protection relays in the system are relatively independent to improve the operation reliability substation and reduce the maintenance work.

RW1800 system can meet the requirement for substation automation put forward in CIGRE, that is, telecontrol function(telesignal, telemeter, telecontrol, etc.), automatic control function(Voltage and Reactive Power Control, Load-shedding, Static Reactive Power Compensator Control, etc.), metering function, protection relay function, function for protection relay(fault record, fault location, fault line selection), interface function(with microprocessor anti-maloperation, power supply, meters, GPS, etc.), system function(communication with station and local SCADA, etc.).

Fully supporting IEC61850 standards
Distributed design, modular deployment, and easily running on one or more hosts
Bay-oriented data management
Based on IEC61970 standards, and enabling interacting with the upper system through CIM
Supporting ICCP,OPC and other interactive modes
Supporting Anti-misoperation and work order operation
Supporting network topology and local VQC optimization
Supporting seamless connection with RW8000 SCADA EMS/DMS system and enabling unified maintenance
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