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RWK-351 Series recloser Modular controller
Rockwill has designed a new type recloser controller. Comparing with previous cont…
RWK-351 Series recloser Modular controller

RWK-351 Series recloser Modular controller

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Rockwill has designed a new type recloser controller. Comparing with previous controllers, this one is smaller, multi-interface, and more applicable.

Its given to us a safety power grid for cutting line fault and automatic recovery operation and power automation. It is suitable for up to 38kV outdoor switchgear using, include: vacuum circuit breakers, oil circuit breakers and gas circuit breakers. This intelligent controller is gathering with line protection, control, measurement and monitoring of voltage and current signals integrated automation and control devices outdoors.
RWK is a automatic management unit for single way/multi ways/ring network/two power sourcing, provided with all voltage and current signals and all functions. RWK-351 column switch intelligent controller supports: Wireless (GSM/GPRS/CDMA), Ethernet mode, WIFI, optical fiber, power line carrier, RS232/485, RJ45 and other forms of communication, and can access other station premises equipment (such as TTU, FTU, DTU, etc.).

79 Auto Reclose(Reclose)
50P Instantaneous/Definite-Time Overcurrent(P.OC)
51P Phase Time-Overcurrent(P.Fast curve/P.Delay curve)
50G Residual Ground Instantaneous/Definite-Time Overcurrent(G.OC)
51GResidual Ground Time-Overcurrent (G.Fast curve/G.Delay curve)
50N Neutral Ground Instantaneous/Definite-Time Overcurrent(N.OC)
50SEF Sensitive Earth Fault (SEF)

51N Neutral Ground Time-Overcurrent (N.Fast curve/N.Delay curve)

51c Cold Load(Cold load)
81 Frequency protection(Frequency)
67 Negative- Sequence Overcurrent (Nega.Seq.OC)
27 Under Voltage (L.Under volt)
59 Over Voltage(L.Over volt)
59N Zero-Sequence Over Voltage(N.Over volt)

Primary/Secondary Phases and Earth Currents
Primary/Secondary Line and Phase Voltages

Apparent Power and Power Factor

Real and Reactive Power
Historical Demand Record
Positive Phase Sequence Voltage & Current
Negative Phase Sequence Voltage & Current
Zero Phase Sequence Voltage
Binary Input/Output status
Trip circuit healthy/failure
Time and date
Fault records
Event records

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