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RP-800L Line Protection
The RP-800Lis suitable for the protection of the incoming line and feeder line in …
RP-800L Line Protection

RP-800L Line Protection

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The RP-800L is suitable for the protection of the incoming line and feeder line in the arc suppression coil grounded system or ungrounded system with voltage level of 66kV and below. It can not only be centralized in a screen, but also can be installed in the switchgear directly. Therefore, it fully supports the power distribution automation system.


1.The case of the device is made of aluminum alloy. It has closed process, internal double shielding, anti-vibration and anti-interference, so it can adapt to many harsh environments.

2.The latest integrated circuit and high-performance 32-bit embedded digital signal processor constitutes a compact and efficient data acquisition and processing system. The integrated design of software and hardware makes the system extremely stable and reliable.

3.The hardware system is expandable; the module category is few and the function is powerful. The internal structure adopts metal connector module. The CPU adopts the four-layer board technology, which can effectively prevent the impact of intermittent pulse interference and the lightning surge.

4.Recording 64 times of protection events with time, and power fail protection included. The device can store three sets of fixed values, which is convenient to modify and switch.

5.Open - in and open - out are separated by two - light couplers, and it enhances the anti-interference ability of the device.

6.The device is AC/DC available. It will not stop working and protecting due to DC system failure. Devices at intervals including relay protection functions are relatively independent and communicate via Internet RS485.

7.The circuit breaker operating circuit is suitable for all kinds of circuit breaker control, which is convenient for substation reconstruction.


1. Compound voltage locking current protection (quick break, time limit quick break, inverse time overcurrent), with low voltage locking function.

2.Three phase three times recloser (check no-voltage, check the same period, no check), the reclose times can be set, with post-acceleration function.

3. Zero sequence voltage locking direction zero sequence overcurrent protection (alarm or choose trip);

4. small current grounding line selection

5. low voltage locking, slip locking, low frequency lightening protection

6. Overload alarm

Secondary Function

1.PT disconnection alarm

2. Busbar grounding alarm

3.Control circuit break alarm

4. Device fault alarm

5.Fault recording

6.Independent setting of protection value and time limit

7. Self-test and self-diagnosis

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