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Vacuum Circuit Breaker VCB
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The professional VCB vacuum circuit breaker manufacturer

-Rockwill Electric is the professional manufacturer and designer and patent woned factory of Medium voltage and high voltage VCB vacuum circuit breaker from China.

-Rockwill Electric's VCB vacuum circuit breaker and vacuuum switch panel:

Rating voltage from 2.4kV up to 72.5kV. Rating current from 200A up to 6300A.

-Rockwill Electric offers both indoor vacuum circuit  breaker and outdoor vacuum circuit breaker with varity installation way like: fixed,drawable,lateral,...

-Rockwill Electric also offers different type mechanism for choice: Spring mechanism, magnetic actuator,etc.

-Rockwill Electric also offers special solutions for C1,C2,C3,E1,E2,E3,M1,M2,M3 CALSS Vacuum switch according to IEC/ANSI/GB standards.

See below link outdoor and indoor VCB:



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