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What is Standard ACR Auto Recloser relay protection and logic
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What is a recloser ??

What is Standard ACR Auto Recloser relay protection and logic

Automatic circuit reclosers are recognized by electric utilities throughout the world as an essential device for achieving their prime goal: providing maximum continuity of electric service to their customers simply and economically. Reclosers sense and interrupt fault currents and automatically restore service after momentary outage.

A recloser is an automatic, high-voltage electric switch. Like a circuit breaker on household electric lines, it shuts off electric power when
trouble occurs, such as a short circuit. Where a household circuit breaker remains shut off until it is manually reset, a recloser automatically tests the electrical line to determine whether the trouble has been removed. And, if the problem was only temporary, the recloser automatically resets itself and restores the electric power.
On high-voltage electric lines, 80 to 90 percent of trouble occurrences are temporary – such as lightning, windblown tree branches or wires, birds, or rodents – and will, by their very nature, remove themselves from the electric line if the power is shut off before permanent damage occurs to the lines.
The recloser senses when trouble occurs and automatically shuts off the power. An instant later (the length of time may be noticeable only as a lightbulb flicker), the recloser turns the power back on, but if the trouble is still present, it shuts it off again. If the trouble is still present after three such tries, the recloser is programmed to consider the problem permanent and it remains off. A power company crew must then repair the problem on the line and reset the recloser to restore power.
Examples of permanent problems include: power lines or other equipment damaged by lightning strikes, fallen tree limbs, or vehicle crashes.
Reclosers save the electric companies considerable time and expense, since they permit power to be restored automatically, after only a flicker or two. And, for outages that require a repair crew, reclosers minimize the outage area and help the crews to quickly locate the problem and restore power. Consumers of electric power– residential, business, industrial, and institutional– are saved from the expense and inconvenience frequent power outages would cause.
The automatic circuit recloser ie. Auto circuit recloser /ACR is not simple comprise of a breaker+relay protection. There are many functions which no-standard recloser is not equiped with as folowing.

Rockwill Standard economical type auto recloser

The standard economical type auto recloser is also required to complied with as per IEEE/ANSI C37.60 or IEC62271-111 standard.

Rockwill's recloser gather multi relay protections like:



Cold Load Pickup

Live Load Blocking

Oscillography Capture capability

Programmable Logic

4 Independent Protection Groups

Advanced Automation

Harmonic Protection and Monitoring

Hot Line Tag Capability

Negative Phase Sequence Overcurrent

Inverse Time Protection

Live Line Function & Hot Line Tag Function

Definite Time Protection

Directional Sensitive ground Fault Protection

Two fast-two slow curves

Phase (OV1) & Line-to-Line (OV2) Over Voltage

Temporary Time Addition

Directional over current and ground fault protection

Voltage Protection Element

Phase under-voltage balanced element (UV1)

Logic program-able function

Phase-to-Phase Under-voltage Element (UV2)

Zone Sequence Co-ordination

Loss of Supply (UV3)

High set Instantaneous element

Voltage Sag Protection (UV4 Sag)

Power Quality monitoring including Systems Performance Indices, Voltage Sags and Swells

Voltage reclose control with automatic back feed(restoration provides loop automation functionality)

If you want More functions, pls consult with us

Part Number




Current Sensing

3 x Current Transformers

3 x Current Transformers

3 x Current Transformers

Voltage Sensing

3 x Voltage Sensors

3 x Voltage Sensors

3 x Voltage Sensors

Control Type




Even above specification reuiqred is not enough for standard auto recloser, there is so many addtional logic,......so,......

More questions pls consult with us.

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