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FAT for Rockwill Mirco distribution automation system. 2019.6.22, the Ghana utility expert visit Rockwill for a FAT of Rockwill Mirco distribution automation system with Rockwill Brand existing on line auto recloser, load break switch, sectioanlizer, etc.
Date:2019-06-25 View:212
Date:2021-01-13 View:1719
The Sternest Warning Before You Operate Recloser! Make sure the battery is ready full charged (12 hours) before operating. Do not allowed to operate open & close frequently, etc.
Date:2021-01-13 View:1452
Congraduation to Rockwill for getting RCW-15 auto recloser type test report from KEMA lab. Its standard applies IEC 62271-111 / IEEE Std C37.60.
Date:2021-01-22 View:33025

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