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Rockwill is providing with whole solutions for BTC miner, our products is: containerzed substation and customized BTCoin mining plant which is moible design and easy installtion and transportation.
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210 pieces SKD type compact substation export to South Africa today! Rockwill start for build localization factory from year of 2015, The partnership model is JV for local compact substation.
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What is compact substation CSS? The CSS Compact substation is actual a prefabricated eletric equipment unit which is comprising of MV & MV switchgear, Power & Distribution transformer, LV switchboard, Connection busbar and other accessories.
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Rockwill Brand Compact Substation The compact substation is pre-designed, prefabricated substation i.e in short CCS.
Date:2020-09-16 View:2360
China prefabricated compact transformer substation(Combined Transformer) Intelligent box type substation.
Date:2020-09-16 View:1923
11/0.4kV compact transformer substation - Rockwill Brand A profesional manufacturer of 11/0.4kV class substation from 200KVA up to 2500kVA. The ISO qualified compact transformer substation manufacturer from China.
Date:2020-09-16 View:1351
China 15kV Compact substation Rockwill is a professional manufacturer of IEC/ANSI standard CCS compact substation, which is widely using in worldwide with a long life and high quality guarrantee.
Date:2020-09-16 View:2092
20kV 22kV EU style compact substation Rockwill manufacture all kinds of EU style compact substation CCS.
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Container type unitized compact substation from Rockwill Electric. It complies with IEC standard, and it is easy for transpotation and installation, high quality and strong enough for loading and lifting.
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Rockwill 33kV unitized compact substation is certificated by National standard comminitee. It has high quality and reliability for using on any harsh conditions. Contact us for a good price.
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Compact Mining Substation is widely used in mining industry, easy for transportation, installation and maintenance. Rockwill brand Mining Substation is now running in more than 30 countries in Africa, Amercia, Asia etc.
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Mining substation / Package mining transformer substation Rockwill provide with pacakge mining substation for industry miner, It is high protection class heavy duty substation.
Date:2020-09-16 View:2508
China pad mounted transformer manufactured by Rockwill Electric. These series of pad-mounted transformer is oil-immersed with power rating from 25 to 2500kVA at 50/60 Hz power transmission and distribution system.
Date:2020-09-16 View:2027
12kV 24kV 36kV Compact substation Manufacturer in China Rockwill unit compact substation is widely running in worldwide,...
Date:2020-09-16 View:2885
Rockwill - The professional manufacturer and solution provider of CSS compact substation. whole solution for CSS compact substation, the Voltage rating from 2.4kV up to 52kV. Capacity up to 6300kVA.
Date:2020-09-17 View:4110
Outdoor prefabricated transformer substation(Combined Transformer) Intelligent box type transformer substation
Date:2020-09-17 View:2190
Rockwill is a professional manufacturer and designer of Prefabricated moible substation with SF6 switch (switchgear) station,completed substation
Date:2020-09-17 View:4172
China Prefabricated Compact Substation Manufacturer Prefabricated compact substation, Pre-assembly substation.
Date:2021-05-26 View:2285
Rockwill's MV Turnkey container type compact substation is desined for easy transportation and fast installation. Which is pre-assembled for easy set-up and commissionin. It is modular design to each cell up to 35kV and 3.5 MW.
Date:2021-06-28 View:1197
Completed substation 250-400kva,800kva,35/0.4kv at Loudima of Congo The substation was completed in Loudima of Congo,And it has run successfully.Transport from Rockwill in 2016 and installation in Loudima of Congo in January 2017.
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