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Rockwill - The professional manufacturer and solution provider of CSS compact substation. whole solution for CSS compact substation, the Voltage rating from 2.4kV up to 52kV. Capacity up to 6300kVA.
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What is compact substation CSS? The CSS Compact substation is actual a prefabricated eletric equipment unit which is comprising of MV / HV switchgear, Power Distribution transformer, LV switchboard, Connection busbar and other accessories.
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Rockwill Brand Compact Substation The compact substation is pre-designed, prefabricated substation i.e in short CCS.
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China prefabricated compact transformer substation(Combined Transformer) Intelligent box type substation.
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11/0.4kV compact transformer substation - Rockwill Brand A profesional manufacturer of 11/0.4kV class substation from 200KVA up to 2500kVA. The ISO qualified compact transformer substation manufacturer from China.
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China 15kV Compact substation Rockwill is a professional manufacturer of IEC/ANSI standard CCS compact substation, which is widely using in worldwide with a long life and high quality guarrantee.
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20kV 22kV EU style compact substation Rockwill manufacture all kinds of EU style compact substation CCS.
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Rockwill 33kV unitized compact substation is certificated by National standard comminitee. It has high quality and reliability for using on any harsh conditions. Contact us for a good price.
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