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Motorize operation load break switch is both electric and manunal driving LBS. RPS Manual type operation load break switch is non-electric driving LBS.
Date:2020-09-14 View:3231
Recloser and Sectionalizer Coordination --Achieving Distribution Line Automation under Traditional Condition -- -- Realizing Distribution Automation without SCADA System -- #recloser #sectionalizer #distribution automation #Semi Smartgrid
Date:2020-06-03 View:3364
Pole Mounted Drop Out Sectionalizer Medium voltage electronic sectionalizers AutoLink
Date:2020-09-14 View:3801
RPS Type SF6 Gas Insulated Sectionalizer RPS type Pole-mounted load-break switch (pole-LBS) is a protective device for protecting power distribution system. It usually combines with automatic circuit reclosers (acr).
Date:2020-09-14 View:6441
Outdoor Pole Mounted SF6 Gas Load Break Switch is suitable for the rated voltage up to 40.5kV,rated current 400A-630A, 50/60Hz power system. Low price and high quality. Contact Rockwill for more details.
Date:2020-09-12 View:1763
SF6 gas insulated Load break switch motorize type - SF6 gas insulated sectionazlizer
Date:2020-09-12 View:1036
RSW type pole mounted vacuum sectionalizer. It applies up to 24KV,400/630A, 50Hz/60Hz.
Date:2020-09-14 View:4783
Smart Phone APP software for recloser,load break switch,sectionalizer,step voltage regulator,smart transformer and vacuum circuit breaker Mobile Client Operation (Available only in public network)
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