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RVB-40.5P type outdoor vacuum circuit breaker is a porcelain bushing live tank High vo
Date:2020-09-14 View:300
- Rockwill's Ring Main Unit factory is capability to manufacture 3.3KV up to 24kV, 36kV and 40.5kV type Ring Main Unit which is SF6 gas type. Nowdays our products is widely exported to Turkey, Italy, Poland, Romania, Russia, Iran, Brazil and so
Date:2019-09-11 View:638
- Rockwill's Low voltage switchgear factory, Which is capability for manufacturing of LV switchboard, Control panel, relay protection panel, etc...
Date:2019-09-06 View:509
Rockwill Electric Group first lot MV switchgear for Korea is on way go to Busan on Dec
Date:2019-10-24 View:250
MV switchgear is an important part of power distribution system for maintaining the continuity of service, and you have to consider some different aspects based on your needs before selecting a suit
Date:2020-06-03 View:503
- Rockwill High voltage metal clad switchgear assembly line. - For switchgears From 2
Date:2019-08-24 View:607
- Air insualted switchgear 36kV LBS and VCB switchgear in assemblying. - For AIS type switchgear from 2.4kV up to 36kV for Secondary distribution application type
Date:2019-08-17 View:470
Completed KE Turnkey project EPC
Date:2019-07-18 View:267
Ring main unit (RMU) is a set of high voltage switchgear installed in the steel plate metal cabinet or made into an assembly interval ring network power supply unit. The core part adopts load break
Date:2019-04-09 View:527
Rockwill Group products in west africa Switchgear installation Distribution transformer
Date:2019-04-04 View:309
Medium Voltage Switchgear KYN28 indoor metal-clad with drawable switchgear(hereinafte
Date:2020-09-14 View:579
China KYN28 indoor metal-clad withdrawable switchgear(hereinafter short as switchgear)
Date:2020-09-14 View:251
China ZS1 indoor metal-clad with drawable switchgear(hereafter short as swithgear) is
Date:2020-09-14 View:328
General: KYN61-40.5( same as unigear Z3.2) air-insulated metal-clad withdrawable swit
Date:2020-09-14 View:291
General SF6 Gas Insulated Metal-clad switchgear, RGIS-G20 designed up to 40.5kV 3-pha
Date:2020-09-14 View:796
RMC Type GIS swicthgear RMC is completely insulated SF6 gas insualted GIS switchgearw
Date:2020-09-14 View:405
General: HXGN15-12 SF6 ring main unit with SF6 load switch as main switch, for whole
Date:2020-09-14 View:581
General: SM66-24 unit type SF6 RMU with SF6 load switch as main switch, for whole cab
Date:2020-09-14 View:255
General: HXGN36-40.5 SF6 ring main unit with SF6 load switch as main switch, for whol
Date:2020-09-14 View:382
General: XGN66-12 box-type fixed metal enclosed switchgear is our factory to design,
Date:2020-09-14 View:319

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