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RCW Auto Recloser Quick Operation Instruction
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The Sternest Warning Before You Operate Recloser!


Make Sure That:

1. Please make sure the battery is ready full charged (12 hours) before operating recloser controller!

2. It is not allowed to use emergency opening and closing handle at normal condition!

3. It is not allowed to repeat press the Open/Close button continuously without intermission!


Further Warning!

Special attention should be paid to the following points, which may cause the recloser to fail to work.

  1. About Controller parameter setting

Do not modify CT rate, PT rate, PTS rate in controller!

Do not modify recloser sequence, it is O-0.5s-CO-2s-CO-5s-CO in IEC standard.   

auto recloser CT rate setting auto recloser PT rate setting auto recloser parameter modification


  1. About OPEN/CLOSE operation

 ▲It’s not allow to repeat press the Open/Close button continuously without intermission.

 ▲Please contact us in time, frequent operation will burn the controller components

auto recloser controller operation


  1. About manual closing device (Yellow handle)

 ▲It is not allowed to do manual closing operation if not necessary emergency demand.

 ▲Make sure the recloser is at OFF position and controller can’t drive it into close situation

 ▲After closing successfully, continue to pull down for 3 times to release the lockout.

 ▲It is only allowed to be used in special non-electric operation situation.


The above three points are special remarks, do observe strictly.


Please do not hesitate to contact me if any queries.

Field service operation and warranty issues:

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