News: No.8: Signing Contract with Ethiopian Electric Utility (EEU) No.7: Canton Fair Online in 2020 No.6: Smart SCADA solution achieve greatly cost saving by reducing power line losses ! No.5: Rockwill's SF6 Gas Insulated LBS Passed the KEMA Type Test! No.4. Signed ACR and LBS KEMA type test at 2019
Rockwill Group Main Products

The outdoor switchgear

ROCKWILL Electric Group provides Outdoor switchgears including: 6kV up to 52kV auto reclosers, sectionalizers, load break switches, vacuum circuit breakers, SF6 gas circuit breakers,... certified by STL member labs like KEMA, CESI, ...

The metal switchgear and RMU

ROCKWILL Switchgear factory provides metal clad AIS switchgears and GIS switchgears, ring main units, CSS compact substations from 3.3kV up to 52kV. Gurantee with IEC62271 Standard.

The switchgear components

ROCKWILL&POWERTECH factories is offers: Vacuum circuit breakers, load break switches, SF6 circuit breakers,contactors, current transformers, voltage transformers, potential transformers, bushings, insulators, poles

The power transformer and CT PT

ROCKWILL Transformer is manufactures: single phase and three phase smart power transformers, smart distribution transformers, step voltage regulators, CSP transformers, dry type transformers, cast resin transformers,... Capacity up to 100MVA, 252kV,....

Solutions for power and grid

ROCKWILL Automation provide with: Whole solution for grid power quality and grid automation system, We provide with design,construction,installation, training,etc... Rockwill brand relay protections, APP smart system, distribution smart software, capacitor bank, relay panel, control panel, AC/DC power....
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