Important news: No.4. Signed ACR and LBS KEMA type test at 2019 No.3. Cherish life,Pls stay in safe and far away from Covid-19 No.1. Rockwill attend Dubai MEE Exhibition 2020 No.2: Rockwill's pole mounted load break switch passed the KEMA type test!

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General:FZN25-12 Indoor AC HV vacuum Load break switch and FZRN25-12D Indoor AC HV vacuum load break switch with assembly fuse is the controlling and protecting equipment of three-phase 50Hz, 12kv distribution system, which is widely used in the situ
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Vacuum circuit breaker catalog
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RCW series recloser catalog
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ER series recloser catalog
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Mobile Transformer Substation Prefabricated Electric Mobile Centers (PEMC) are tailor made, factory assembled and tested electric centers designed and manufactured to satisfy every specific customer needs. The design is a modular one, which provides
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aerial electrical  fittings
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cable accessories
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Summary The 35kV transformer, the use of company-specific calculation and verification procedures, the transformer core, coils, active part, leading tanks and other components for a full range of optimized design and verification, to ensure product p
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Summary Due to a serials of innovations over material, technology, and structure, the furnace transformer features small size, light weight, high efficiency, low loss, low noise, reliable operation and large overloading capacity, etc. the transformer
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Rockwill Testing laboratory - HV insulation level testing: YQ LAB-Power frequency voltage withstand up to 150kV QZ LAB-Power frequency voltage withstand up to 350kV YQ LAB-HV linghtning impulse voltage testing /BIL testing up to 400kV QZ LAB-HV lin
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2019, 15th,December.Rockwill Electric Groupfirst lot MV switchgear for Korea is on way go to Busan.This a special 20kV Vacuum circuit breaker + load break switch switchgear for Korea customer.Similar design switchgear is widely application for power
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1.0 SAFETY NOTICESRCW Type recloser should be installed within the design limitations as described on its nameplate and in these instructions.Follow your company’s safety procedures.This recloser should not be used by itself as the sole means of i
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