News: No.7: Canton Fair Online in 2020 No.6: Smart SCADA solution achieve greatly cost saving by reducing power line losses ! No.5: Rockwill's SF6 Gas Insulated LBS Passed the KEMA Type Test! No.4. Signed ACR and LBS KEMA type test at 2019 No.3. Cherish life,Pls stay in safe and far away from Covid-19

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What is ACR Auto Recloser? Auto recloser (ACR) ie. Automatic circuit recloser is recognized by electric utilitiesthroughout the world as an essential device for achieving their prime goal:providing maximum continuity of electric service to their c
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Congratulations to Rockwill Bangladesh Team Rockwill Bangladesh Team had just succesful completed 33/11kV 10MVA turnkey substation project. Thanks to all of Rockwill Team members.
时间:2019-04-04 访问:3546
Rockwill Group products in west africa Switchgear installation Distribution transformer
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Rockwill Brand Compact Substation - The compact substation is pre-designed, prefabricated substation i.e in short CSS.- The compact substation is used for feeder power which required a  minimum space, It is easy to install, usually mounted on skid f
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Rockwill Group will attend exhibition : FIEE ELÉTRICA/electronic Americas  2019 from 23th to 26th of July in São Paulo Expo Exhibition & Convention Center of Brazil.Booth No.:B33Welcome to visit us and discuss cooperation.Looking for local partne
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Load break switch manufacturerRockwill the leading manufacturer of load break switch in china, with ISO certificated and STL member type tested products.ALL Rockwill brand LBS ( load break switch ) is offering a 30 years quality warraty.Now days, Exc
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SKD type compact substation export to South Africa 210 NOS 33kV compact substation export to SA. today!Rockwill start for build localization factory from year of 2015, The partnership model is JV for local compact substation, mini substation, ring ma
时间:2019-06-28 访问:1022
Completed KE Turnkey project EPC
时间:2019-07-18 访问:3056
Rockwill Electric GROUP Co., Ltd Who is focus on power transmission & distribution line business, gains worldwide high reputation for its own technology smart grid products like: smart power transformer, smart distribu
时间:2019-07-20 访问:3891
Rockwill Electric Group benefits for world! At year of 2015, we found the Tanzania transformer factory!Today, we are launching the Africa biggest factory of Insulator, Fuse cutout, Surge arrester at first step.The second step we are looking for more
时间:2018-11-26 访问:1066
Congratulations to Rockwill's pole mounted load break switch passed the KEMA type test! Next KEMA products is auto recloser, ring main unit,....
时间:2018-10-11 访问:5581
Series products! Power transformer, High voltage circuit breaker & gas insulated switchgear, dry toe transformer, step voltage regulator, reactor, distribution transformer, ring main unit, transfomer substation, compact substation, pad mounted transf
时间:2018-10-11 访问:1703
Rockwill T & D Group's Tanzania transformer factory officially start production! Eminvac power & Rockwill T&D Group is now looking for cooperation of financing +EPC for power industry turnkey project. Contract value start from USD20,000,000 up t
时间:2018-08-21 访问:1499
Meeting with Rockwill T&D Group team in spring canton fair! Stand 10.3J42 and 11.3E03. From 14th-19th/Apr.
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Tanzania transformer factory's faculties in installation and commissioning </iframe
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Mobile APP instruction manual
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INTERNATIONAL STANDARD IEC 62271-111/IEEE C37.60 High voltage switchgear and controlgear –Part 111:Overhead, pad-mounted, dry vault, andsubmersible automatic circuit reclosersand fault interrupters for alternatingcurrent systems up to 38 kV© I
时间:2018-10-10 访问:1900
Rockwill group will attend 126th Autumn Canton Fair in 2019 Exhibition: Autumn Canton Fair 2019 Date: October 15th-19th Booth No.: 10.3 B01-02; B13-14   Welcome to visit us and discuss about cooperation. Looking for the partners for Auto
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- Base at Wenzhou City. - More than 120 people working here - Rockwill Electric Group's Technical R&D CENTER, Business Center, Management Center Rockwill Electric Group Presentation
时间:2019-09-27 访问:2353
- Air insualted switchgear 36kV LBS and VCB switchgear in assemblying. - For AIS type switchgear from 2.4kV up to 36kV for Secondary distribution application type
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