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Switching StationPower transformation stations and transmission lines are designed to transmit the electricity generated by the thermal power stations or hydropower stations which are usually situated far away from the inhabited areas, to the end-use
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Mining substation / Package transformer subasationProduct descriptionThis products have following characters: serialization, modularization, multiple functions, complete facility, small volume, light weight and good looking. They meet the requirement
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Three phase pad mounted transformersRockwell transformer Co.,Ltd. offer an environmentally responsible, high efficiency, safer choice. The units have high-fire-point fluid, providing fire safety benefits, and a projected life well beyond that of a tr
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Congratulations to Rockwill Bangladesh Team Rockwill Bangladesh Team had just succesful completed 33/11kV 10MVA turnkey substation project.  Thanks to all of Rockwill Team members.
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15kV Compact substation - YB() series products is a kind of set of equipment which assembles the MV switch apparatus, transformer, LV distribution equipment together according to fixedconnection scheme. This series substation is suitable for neigh
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Rockwill Brand Compact Substation - The compact substation is pre-designed, prefabricated substation i.e in short CSS.- The compact substation is used for feeder power which required a  minimum space, It is easy to install, usually mounted on skid f
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Rockwill > Rockwill Group, The leading manufacturer and core technology holder of CSS Compact substation from china. Rockwill provides whole solution for CSS compact substation, the Voltage rating from 2.4kV up to 52kV level. Capacity up to 6300kVA
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Container type unitized compact substationContainer type unitized CSS compact substation is a complete type tested per latest IEC standard 62271-202 which is comprising a outdoor enclosure containing medium voltage (MV) switchgear, power or distribut
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What is CSS compact substation? - A CSS Compact substations is actual a prefabricated eletric equipment unit which is comprising of MV & MV switchgear, Power & Distribution transformer, LV switchboard, Connection busbar and other accessories.- A CSS
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33kV unitized compact substation - YB() series products is a kind of set of equipment which assembles the MV switch apparatus, transformer, LV distribution equipment together according to fixed connection scheme. This series substation is suitable
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Congratulations to Rockwill Group.That Completed first afghanistan 110kV/20kV substation EPC with Sam Electric for power supply to President gate project in April 2018.The minister from government present the thanks words. 
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SKD type compact substation export to South Africa210 NOS 33kV compact substation export to SA. today!Rockwill start for build localization factory from year of 2015, The partnership model is JV for local compact substation, mini substation, ring mai
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Completed substation 250-400kva,800kva,35/0.4kv at Loudima of CongoThe substation was completed in Loudima of Congo,And it has run successfully.Transport from Rockwill in 2016 and installation in Loudima of Congo in January 2017.There was two types o
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