News: No.7: Canton Fair Online in 2020 No.6: Smart SCADA solution achieve greatly cost saving by reducing power line losses ! No.5: Rockwill's SF6 Gas Insulated LBS Passed the KEMA Type Test! No.4. Signed ACR and LBS KEMA type test at 2019 No.3. Cherish life,Pls stay in safe and far away from Covid-19

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Shanghai STEC type tested pole mounted auto circuit recloser!Indoor vacuum circuit break switch!
时间:2018-10-10 访问:1308
KEMA type tested pole mounted sf6 gas load break switch from Rockwill!
时间:2018-10-10 访问:2020
- FAT for Step voltage regulator- FAT for Auto recloser- FAT for load break switch Sucessfully completed FAT for three phase Automatic Step Voltage Regulator, Recloser and Load break switch for REA III project of Tanzania.
时间:2019-08-09 访问:759
Congratulations to Rockwill's pole mounted load break switch passed the KEMA type test! Next KEMA products is auto recloser, ring main unit,....
时间:2018-10-11 访问:5581
Auto Recloser Routine test Per IEC 62271-111 / ANSI / IEEE C37.60 Standard All applicable production tests shall be made by the manufacturer on each recloser, at the factory afterfinal assembly except that the partial discharge tests may be perform
时间:2019-08-30 访问:1123
- HV insulation level testing: YQ LAB-Power frequency voltage withstand up to 150kV QZ LAB-Power frequency voltage withstand up to 350kV YQ LAB-HV linghtning impulse voltage testing /BIL testing up to 400kV QZ LAB-HV linghtning impulse voltage testi
时间:2019-09-27 访问:2181
时间:2019-11-22 访问:263
时间:2019-11-22 访问:274
时间:2019-11-22 访问:293
时间:2019-11-22 访问:223
Prefabricated substation test report
时间:2019-11-22 访问:226
BREAKING NEWS: Rockwill have passed the KEMA type test of 24kV/36kV outdoor SF6 gas insulated load break switch in April 23th, 2020. It means a lot to us toaccelerate the expansion of the global market with our great partners. Congratulations and let
时间:2020-04-23 访问:2658
Rockwill had Signed contract with KEMA on 04-11,2019 for type test of:15kV and 38kV auto recloser type test under standard of IEC 62271-111 eqv. ANSI C37.6024kV and 38kV outdoor SF6 load break switch type test under standard of IEC 62271-103 The Chai
时间:2020-03-28 访问:2331
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