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Supplying Switchgear for UNICO Petroleum

Publish time: 2021-09-18 14:20:00 View: 2450

UNICO Petroleum worked with Rockwill on renew of electrical substation 66/6.6kv at Banias

UNICO Petroleum worked with WENZHOU ROCKWILL ELECTRIC CO. LTD, on a project of Design and Supply of Medium Voltage Switchboards.

These switchboards consisted of the following:

1. 6.6 kV Indoor Metal Clad Vacuum Interrupter Switchboard - Feeder Panel, Transformer Incomer and Bus Section Panels (11Panels).

2. Indoor Metal Clad panels for controlling , protection & operating  for 3 overhead lines  & 2 Transformers and Bus Section 66KV switchyard (4 Panels).

The production was according to an approved ITP/QCP issued by them and training & succeed commissioned with the help of UNICO Petroleum.

UNICO Petroleum worked with Rockwill on renew of electrical substation 66/6.6kv at Banias


Technical training for UNICO Petroleum


Rockwill control panel  6.6kV control panel

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