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1. Influence on distribution transformers (1) The three-phase load imbalance of power transformer will increase the loss of transformer: the loss of transformer includes no-load loss and load loss. U
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1. Advantages of microcomputer protection 1.1 High reliability: a microcomputer protection unit can perform a variety of protection and monitoring functions. Instead of various protective relays and
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Definition Distribution transformer is a transformer that provides the final voltage transformation in the electric power distribution system, stepping down the voltage used in the distribution lines
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Recloser and Sectionalizer Coordination --Achieving Distribution Line Automation under Traditional Condition -- -- Realizing Distribution Automation without SCADA System -- Key words: #recloser #se
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MV switchgear is an important part of power distribution system for maintaining the continuity of service, and you have to consider some different aspects based on your needs before selecting a suit
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What is ACR Auto Recloser? Auto recloser (ACR) ie. Automatic circuit recloser is recognized by electric utilities throughout the world as an essential device for achieving their prime goal: providing
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1.0 SAFETY NOTICES RCW Type recloser should be installed within the design limitations as described on its nameplate and in these instructions. Follow your company’s safety procedures. This reclose
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What is Grounding? Grounding refers to connecting the neutral point, shell or bracket of the equipment and electrical device with the grounding device by conductor. This is the way to prevent electri
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introduction: single word The signal words "danger""warning"and "caution" used in this manual indicate the degree of hazard that maybe encountered by the user.these words are defined as: Danger- in
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What is Distance Protection Relay?? The general line is uniform. Then, the equivalent impedance of the line is related to the length of the line. Suppose the impedance per unit length of the line is
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