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Oil Immersed Transformer Installation & Operation Manual
Oil-immersed Power Transformer Installation and Operation Manual. The instruction manual applies to the low-loss oil-immersed power transformers with the capacity up to 6300KVA.
What You Should Know About Compact Substation
is a kind of indoor and outdoor compact distribution equipment. It combines the high voltage switch equipment, distribution transformers and low voltage power distribution equipment together.
What is Distribution Transformer
Basic knowledges about distribution transformer, including definition, types like oil immersed type, dry type, pad mounted type, pole mounted type. Distribution transformer is a transformer that provides the final voltage transformation in the electric power distribution system, stepping down the voltage used in the distribution lines
A traditional distribution automation under coordination by recloser plus sectionalizer
Recloser and Sectionalizer Coordination --Achieving Distribution Line Automation under Traditional Condition -- -- Realizing Distribution Automation without SCADA System -- #recloser #sectionalizer #distribution automation #Semi Smartgrid
AIS vs GIS: How to select MV Switchgears
Explain difference between AIS and GIS. MV switchgear is an important part of power distribution system for maintaining the continuity of service, and you have to consider some different aspects based on your needs before selecting a suitable MV switchgear.
What is Auto Recloser (ACR)
What is ACR Auto Recloser? Auto recloser (ACR) also named automatic circuit recloser is recognized by electric utilities throughout the world as an essential device for achieving their prime goal: providing maximum continuity of electric service to customers.
Oil Immersed Transformer vs Dry Type Transformer
The article introduce some differences between dry type transformer and oil immersed transformer. It can help you understand these two different types and help you make desicions.
DC Charging vs AC Charging
Difference Between DC Charging and AC Charging. AC charging has lower power, requires longer charging time, but has less loss to the battery. On the contrary, DC charging pile has higher charging power, faster charging, but has greater loss to the battery.
What is Distance Protection Relay
What is Distance Protection Relay? Distance protection relay is the name given to the protection, whose action depends on the distance of the feeding point to the fault. The time of operation of such protection is a function of the ratio of voltage and current, i.e., impedance.
Vacuum Circuit Breaker VCB
The professional VCB vacuum circuit breaker manufacturer. Rockwill Electric is the professional manufacturer and designer and patent woned factory of Medium voltage and high voltage VCB vacuum circuit breaker from China.
What is compact substation CSS
What is compact substation CSS? The CSS Compact substation is actual a prefabricated eletric equipment unit which is comprising of MV / HV switchgear, Power Distribution transformer, LV switchboard, Connection busbar and other accessories.
What is Ring Main Unit RMU
Ring main unit (RMU) is a set of high voltage switchgear installed in the steel plate metal cabinet or made into an assembly interval ring network power supply unit. The core part adopts load break switch and fuse, which has the advantages of simple structure, small volume, low price.
What is load break switch
China outdoor SF6 load break switch (LBS) which is a capable small fault current breaking switchgear. It is a disconnect switch that has been designed to provide making or breaking of specified currents.
What is capswitch capacitor switch
What is capswitch capacitor switch? A Medium voltage or High voltage Capacitor switch or Capswitch is a special switchgear for application in switching capacitive load network. It can be vacuum type or SF6 gas type.
What is a AVR Step voltage regulator
What is a AVR step voltage regulator ? A step voltage regulator helps prevent a poor-quality signal from being sent over distribution lines to users. Step voltage regulators are mainly used in utility distribution applications for the disbursement of electrical signals to properties.
Rockwill type vacuum auto recloser
Details introduction about outdoor auto vacuum recloser which manufactured by Rockwill Electric. This page will help learn more knowledges about RCW auto recloser as improvements in parts and assemblies are made.
Most advanced generation earth fault protection solution
Rockwill's next generation recloser & sectionalizer with most advanced generation earth fault protection relay PMU, which make sure 100% correct judgment accuracy, best solution
What is portable power station / Family backup power station
Portable power station is a built-in lithium ion battery, its own electricity can reserve the outdoor multifunctional power supply, also known as the portable ac and DC power suppl
What is dry type transformer / Cast resin transformer
Dry-type transformers are widely used in local lighting, high-rise buildings, airports, terminal CNC machinery and equipment, etc. Simply speaking, dry-type transformers refer to transformers whose
What is grounding and earthing transformer
A grounding transformer is also called earthing transformer. Which is a type of auxiliary transformer used for generating a earthing fault current (when the fault occur) to neutral for relay protectio
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