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What is portable power station / Family backup power station

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What is the portable power station?

Portable power station is a built-in lithium ion battery, its own electricity can reserve the outdoor multifunctional power supply, also known as the portable ac and DC power supply.

Outdoor portable power station is equivalent to small portable charging station, with light weight, high capacity, high power, long life, strong stability, not only equipped with multiple USB interface meet digital product charging, can output DC, AC, car lighter, commonly used power interface, such as laptop, drones, lamps, projector, rice cooker, fan, kettle, cars and other equipment power supply, suitable for outdoor camping, outdoor live, outdoor shooting, outdoor shooting, location, family emergency electricity power consumption scenarios.

How the outdoor portable power station works

Outdoor portable power station is composed of control board, battery pack, inverter and BMS system, which can convert DC power into AC power for other electrical appliances through the inverter, and also supports a variety of interface DC output to supply power to various household appliances and digital equipment.

Charging mode of portable power station 

There are many ways of charging power for portable power station, mainly divided into solar panel charging (solar energy to DC charging), mains charging (charging circuit is built in the outdoor power supply, AC to DC charging), on-board charging.

Main accessories for outdoor power supply

Due to different portable power station manufacturers, the default accessories are limited, but the main accessories commonly used for outdoor power supply are AC power adapter, cigarette lighter charging line, storage package, solar panels, car power clips, etc.

Application scenarios for Portable power station 

Rockwill portable power station has a wide range of applications, not only for various outdoor scenarios, but also in home emergency scenarios, which can be divided into the following situations:

1. Outdoor camping electricity, can be connected to the electric oven, electric fan, mobile refrigerator, mobile air conditioning, etc.;
2. Outdoor photography and adventure enthusiasts can use electricity, can connect SLR, lighting, drones, etc.;
3. Outdoor stall lighting electricity, can be connected to flashlights, lights, etc.;
4. As an uninterruptible power supply, it can be connected to mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc.;
5. Outdoor live broadcast electricity, can be connected to cameras, audio, microphone and other equipment;
6. Automobile emergency start and power supply;
7. Electricity consumption for outdoor construction, such as mine, oil field, geological exploration, geological disaster rescue and emergency electricity consumption for field maintenance of telecommunications departments.

The advantages of the Rockwill portable power station over the traditional outdoor power supply scheme?

1. Easy to carry.portable power station has lighter weight, small volume, with a handle, easy to carry, can be convenient to travel, go.

2. The economy is more environmentally friendly. Compared with traditional fuel generators, Rockwill portable power station does not need fuel to be converted into electricity, avoiding air and noise pollution in the process, which is more economical and environmentally friendly.

3. High Ann cell, longer life. The Rockwill portable power station not only has a 3,600 w h high-safety solid-state ion battery pack that can make more than 1,500 cycles, but also is equipped with an advanced BMS battery management system and fireproof materials. While ensuring the long battery life and the safety of the use process, it can also provide power support for multiple electronic devices to achieve a long battery life.

4. Rich interfaces and strong compatibility. The Rockwill portable power station output power of 3000w supports 99% electrical appliances, with multi-functional output interface, can match different input interface equipment, support AC, DC, USB-A, Type-C, car charging and other interface output, convenient for users to use in different scenarios.

5.APP intelligent management system. Users can check the voltage, balance, discharge output port power, the remaining power and the safety of each battery through the mobile APP, making the battery management more convenient and arranging the work plan reasonably.

6. Technology support, safer. Rockwill portable power station is equipped with independently developed (BMS) intelligent battery management system which can independently heat independently with the temperature change to keep the power supply at low temperature for a long time; equipped with multiple safety protection to avoid overvoltage, overcurrent, overtemperature, overcharge, overdischarge, short circuit and other dangers. The intelligent temperature control system automatically adjusts the charge and discharge temperature, which effectively extends the battery life.

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