Indoor Ring Main Unit

Rockwill manufactures all kinds of ring main units / Indoor type. Including air type or Free gas type and sf6 gas insulated ring main units, Voltage rating from 3.3kV up to 40.5kV. Welcome to cooperate with us for customized make / OEM / ODM. 

Indoor Ring Main Unit
Ring Main Unit classification & configuration
C switch module
C - Switch module
The cable switch (C-module) is a three position switch-disconnector and earthing switch using SF6 gas as an arc quenching medium. The switch positions are closed - opened - earthed. In the open position the switch satisfies the disconnector requirements.
F - Switch-fuse module
The switch-fuse (F-module) includes a three position and earthing switch similar to the cable switch (C-module). By means of the fuse tripping device it operates as a switch-fuse combination. There is a double earthing switch which, when in the earth position connects earth to both sides of the fuse-links simultaneously. Both earthing switches are operated in one operation. The switch-fuse and earthing switch is mechanically interlocked to prevent hazardous access to the fuse-links. The lower cover which gives access to the fuse-links is also mechanically interlocked with the earthing switch.
V- Vacuum circuit-breaker module
The vacuum circuit-breaker (V-module) has vacuum bottles as interrupters of the current. The modules includes a three-position disconnector/earthing switch that is connected downstream and in series with the circuit-breaker. The operation between vacuum circuit-breaker and disconnìtor/earthing switch is mechanically interlocked.
M - Metering module UNIT
The M-module is a factory assembled, type tested, air insulated metering cubicle with conventional CTs and VTs. The M-module is designed for CTs and VTs with dimensions according to DIN 42600 Narrow type.
C switch module
The CCC type SF6 ring main unit is combined with 3 units C-module.
The CCF type SF6 ring main unit is combined with 2 units C-module and 1 unit F- module.
The CCV type SF6 ring main unit is combined with 2 units C-module and 1 unit V- module.
The VVV type SF6 ring main unit is combined with 3 units V-module.
Indoor Ring Main Unit Video
RMU Switchgear Demo

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