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Mongolia 35/10kV substation project is running successfully!
Mongolia 35/10kV substation project is running successfully! With Rockwill HV & LV switchgears, HV vacuum circuit breakers, isolators, Power transformers and protection and control panels,etc.
Economical type Auto recloser is well running in Philippines
For philippines auto recloser market, Rockwill provide with different offers for diferent demand customer.
33kV Compact substations to Ethiopia 5 star Hotel
new container to 33kV Compact substations to Ethiopia 5 star Hotel with Rockwill 33/0.4kV,630kVA, 1250kVA compact substations, Ring main unit and auto reclosers.
Schneider type SC6 SF6 Load break Switch
March 1, 2023, new shipment  Phase distance 200mm Schneider type SF6 load break switches to Schnei S-America. Type RLS-24KV/630A-20KA. 
New shipment capacitor switch for USA
On March 2, 2023, loaded some cut-capacity switches and 5 8M cables with aviation inserted equipment to Brazil, and its model specifications were RCS-3N, 15/630-16.
35kV RMR Type F Ring Main Unit
Type F ring main unit is also called fuse combination unit which is consisted of a three position switch, a fuse tripping system and a grounding interlocking switch system. It can be attached with liv
12kV CCV Ring Main Unit RMU
12kV CCV Ring Main Unit from Rockwill Electric Group. We support customization for your special requirements. RMR is a ring main unit for the secondary distribution network. RMR can be supplied in 10
15kV CCV Ring Main Unit RMU Introduction and Operation
Complete introduction and operation of 15kV CCV ring main unit RMU which is manufactured by Rockwill Electric. We support customization for your different requirements. Contact us for more details. Em
33kV Outdoor Ring Main Unit Switching Station
33kV outdoor ring main unit switching station complies with IEC1330 standard which include CCC ring main units, CVC ring main units and PT switchgear. It can be installed in all harsh environments for
TANESCO project contract signature
TANESCO project contract signature witnessed by Hon President Mama Samia Contract for installation of Rockwill 2 Automatic Voltage Regulator (2×10MVA) at Songwe Region.
New generation SiC Mosfet inbuilt power electronic transformer
The 6.5 kV / 400A silicon carbide MOSFET module with the largest current in the same voltage level was developed and applied to the 35kV / 5MW full silicon carbide power transformer, PCsemic Powertech
Outdoor 24kV SF6 circuit breaker in Venezuela
Rockwill's SF6 circuit breaker are running service for Venezuela CORPOELEC (Corporación Eléctrica Nacional S.A.)
RVB Outdoor Vacuum Circuit Breakers to Nigeria
Loading some RVB outdoor vacuum circuit breakers (Porcelain Bushing) to Nigeria on July 12th, 2022. The RVB type VCB is designed by Rockwill R&D Team which has longer service life than other similar e
RLS SF6 Load Break Switches to Indonesia
Shipping a large mounts of RLS SF6 load break switches to Indonesia on July 8th, 2022. Rockwill has built deep cooperation with our clients in Indonesia and may our friendship last forever.
Prefabricated Compact Substation to Kenya
Shipping rockwill type prefabricated compact substation to Kenya on May 24th, 2022.
36kV OLTC Power Transformer to Mongolia
Shipping 3 containers about some 36kV substation equipment to Mongolia on May 19th, 2022. Including 36kV OLTC oil immersed power transformer, 36kV outdoor vacuum circuit breaker, high voltage switchgear, outdoor disconnect switch, CT, PT and so on.
Negotiate Cooperation with Generac Delegation
Generac delegation from the United States visited our company on May 13th -14th, 2022. Discussing the cooperation of recloser, voltage regulator, EV charger, smart electricity meter and so on.
Prefabricated Compact Substation to Ethiopia
Rockwill type prefabricated compct substations are loading for shipping to Ethiopia on May 12th, 2022. One of the compact substations adopts a customized 3000kVA 380V substation voltage regulator for stablizing the output voltage.
Substation Equipment to Zambia
Some substation Equipment are ready for shipping to Zambia. Including outdoor and indoor ring main units, auto reclosers and distribution transformers.
Loading RMU Switchgear Components to Indonesia
Large amounts of RMU switchgear components are loading for shipping to Indonesia on April 22th, 2022. Including some RLS SF6 load break switches.
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