Automatic Circuit Recloser

Rockwill’s auto recloser (ER & RW type Automatic circuit recloser) is fully test report by STL member laboratory KEMA. Rating voltage covers 10kV up to 52kV & current rating up to 1250A, 20kA. Rockwill’s ACR is widely used in worldwide substation to distribution overhead line. It is a  high quality & high technology smart switchgear, gathers high precision voltage and current detection sensors and world top 1 advantage protection technology for small earth fault current protection ( it can 100% correct cut off the Line fault / Earth fault / Ground fault, that is sense high voltage primarcy current which is exceed than 1 A such small current ). Rockwill’s ACR wins world reputation. 

Rockwill Auto recloser comply with the latest editions of and amendments to the international standards. With Special design for Opening/Closing/Locking/Tripping and interlock device.

Rockwill's auto reclosers are running over 90+ countries, With whole life quality control management system, 20+ years life warranty.


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Auto recloser classification & configuration
Customized make recloser
Customized make recloser
Rockwill provide with customized make auto recloser service for special requirements. For example: above voltage rating above 33kV, current rating above 800A, short current above 16kA.
Simple function recloser
Simple function recloser
Rockwill provide with a simple recloser solution. It’s a reliable, low cost high quality auto recloser and corresponding to your basic using requirements.
Utility Standard recloser
Utility Standard recloser
Rockwill provide with three type auto reclosers, which is full complied with ANSI/IEEC & IEC standard and with KEMA type tested.
Smart recloser
Smart recloser
Rockwill provide with control and programmable app software or PC Programable operation software or supports smart recloser automation system requirements.
Automatic Circuit Recloser Video
Smart grid

Auto recloser with smart grid system

Recloser testing

Automatic circuit Recloser routine testing

Rockwill Auto Recloser Control Demo

This is a demo of Rockwill RCW+ Auto Recloser Controller. RCW+ type auto recloser is ANSI/IEC standardized plus design p...

Auto Recloser Factory Testing Video

Auto recloser Routine test procedure Auto recloser testing & setting video! Auto reclos...

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