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Solid Type Auto Recloser
Solid Dielectric type auto recloser Soild dielectric auto recloser which is epoxy resin pole witn long time life,... ...

Detailed description

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  • Recloser Mobile APP software GPRS/GSM/WIFI/BLUETOOTH
  • 11kV 15.5kV recloser dimension
  • 27kV 38kV recloser dimension

Solid Dielectric type auto recloser

Gas free!!

Primacy incomer terminal (directly connect to interrupter reduce power lost) Current sensor (external modular design easy for quality control and maintenance) Accuracy: ±0.5% Ratio:800/1

Internal Voltage sensors incorporated within the vacuum interrupter module. Accuracy: ±0.2 % Voltage Sensor, Ratio:500/1 or 1000/1.

It’s equipped with two voltage sensors per pole, one for measuring the voltage of incoming side, and another one for measuring the voltage of outgoing side.


RCW(F) type auto recloser is a main soild insulation switchgear, Which is equipped with magnetic actuator mechanism with Max 6 voltage sensors solution + RKW352 controller.

RCW series auto recoser isKEMA type tested and certificated products!

Detail Functions:
+with Instantaneous over current protection, definite time over current protection and over current protection, over current three-stage current protection, low voltage component block, composite voltage component block or direction component block is available for each section;

+with zero sequence over current protection, E/F, SEF, with directional model for selection;

+with Manual closed accelerating protection, the breaker will trip fast when it’s closed in fault, and it will trip and lockout close operation;

+with 0 to 4 shots reclosing, “O-t1-CO-t2-CO-t3-CO-lockout” , reclosing shots setting, time delay setting, each section OC protection sequence coordination;

+with two fast+ two delay curve coordination setting for phase OC protection and EF/SEF protection, 5 model IEC standard curves+ 5 model ANSI/IEEEC curves;

+with cold load protection;

+with hot-line-tag protection;

+with two stage negative sequence over current protection;

+with frequency protection and frequency slip protection;

+with over-voltage protection ;

+with under-voltage protection ;(optional)

+with residual voltage protection ;

+with frequency protection ;

+with relay for additional transformer protection high temperature input; (optional/definable)

+with relay for additional transformer protection heavy gas input ; (optional/definable)

+Event record, Real-time sync, Real time checking,

+Optional functions:

Optional channel for voltage sensor, Remote operating, Double-PT, protection for CT circuit, intelligent phone control/blue booth, GPRS communication, Mobile-phone message/GSM, SCADA system.

RCW+ type auto recloser is a high performance switchgear sealed with SF6 gas. Which is IP67 class switchgear.

RCW+ type auto recloser is DESIGNED For using very important field like key electricity supply points like: gas/oil/mine field, hospital/government/military area, important building etc.

RCW+ Auto recloser is equipped with a manual closing solution which is patent design according to the existing brands recloser problem, like ABB, Schneider, Eaton,Siemens, Hubbel,Noja,Jinkang,ect, these listed brand only offer a normal solution recloser which design cant provide with solution for manual closing with elctric power.

RCW+ auto recose is a fast switching switchgear, standard configuured with magnetic actuator and manual closing and opening/locking device, Max 6 voltage sensors.

RCW+ auto recloser is full complied with standard IEC62271-111, ANSI/IEEE C37.60.

RCW+ auto recloser is Offering:

Voltage Rating: 15kV- 38kV

Current Rating: 630A-1250A

Short circuit breaking: 16kA,..25kA


More informations pls go to study RCW+ manual.


RCW  Type Recloer General Specification

● Summary

ROCKWILL ® Electric strives to bring our customers the latest technology and competitive pricing and best service for distribution automatic.

The RCW series automatic circuit reclosers can use on overhead distribution lines as well as distribution substation applications for all voltage classes 11kV up to 38kV at 50/60Hz power system. and it’s rated current can reach 1250A.

The RCW series automatic circuit reclosers integrates the functions of control, protection, measurement, communication, fault detection, on-line monitoring of closing or opening.

● Service environment

Air temperature: Maximum temperature: +85℃; Minimum temperature:-45℃

Humidity: Monthly average humidity 95%; Daily average humidity 90% .

Altitude above sea level: Maximum installation altitude: 2500m or more higher.

Ambient air not apparently polluted by corrosive and flammable gas, vapor etc. No frequent violent shake

●Offering With optional classes for rated current range:

--Type RCW12, Rating 6-12 kV with 630A, 16 kA up to 1250A, 20kA;

--Type RCW15, Rating15-20 kV with 630A, 16 kA up to 1250A, 20kA;

--Type RCW27, Rating22-27 kV with 630A, 16 kA up to 1250A, 20kA;

--Type RCW38, Rating30-40.5 kV with 630A, 16 kA up to 800A, 20kA;

With optional classes for different grid application installation: Single phase & Three phase.

With optional relay protection& logics for user choice:

+Instantaneous over-current protection.

+Timing over-current protection

+Negative sequence over-current protection.

+Directional over-current protection(*).

+Over-voltage protection./Under voltage protection.

+Programable protection relay curves total 10 nos ANSI/IEC curves.

+Cold load pickup protection TCC +Hot line tag

+Earth protection EF/SEF +Zone Sequence Co-ordination

+More relay functions can be customized.

With optional communication protocols & I/O port for user choice:

RS-232 and RS-485 ports supporting.

DNP3.0 communication protocol support(*).

Modbus communication protocol is optional(*).

IEC 60870-5-101 communication protocol support.

IEC 60870-5-104 communication protocol support.(*).

The recloser can communicate through GPRS(Or GSM) modem with English or Specified language (*).

With optional functions for user.

Rated currents, System phase current.

Rated voltages, System phase voltage& secondary low voltage power supply voltage. Frequency, power(kWh),

reactive power(kV arh), power factor .

With optional reclosing interval for user pre-program:

Reclosing times setting support.

Dead time setting support.

With events recording function:

SOE 10000 operations record.

Fault record and normal operation record.

Note: (*) mean should customized by manufacturer if needed.

●Time-Overcurrent Curves The following information describes the curve timing for the curve and time dial settings made for the time-overcurrent

elements The time-overcurrent relay curves in conform to IEEE C37.112-1996 IEEE Standard Inverse-Time

Characteristic Equations for Overcurrent Relays.

IEC Curves:  
C1 (Standard Inverse)
C2 (Very Inverse)
C3 (Extremely Inverse)
C4 (Long-Time Inverse)
C5 (Short-Time Inverse)
U.S. Curves:  
U1 (Moderately Inverse)
U2 (Inverse)
U3 (Very Inverse)
U4 (Extremely Inverse)
U5 (Short-Time Inverse)

● PC software for controller Testing, Setting, programing, Update.

Human friendship interface                                               Programmable Time-Overcurrent curve


● Recloser feature a)Outline of recloser:

The RCW series vacuum recloser is mainly combined with integration terminal, current transformer, permanent magnetic actuator and it’s recloser controller.

b)The recloser tank feature:

The Vacuum recloser tanks are manufactured from 304# grade stainless steel and are powder coated a light grey colour. Whole recloser IP67 protection class, equipped with a auxiliary plug to connect with recloser controller by control cable, Diameter Max22mm, 6 M length (8M for special).

It’s can performance serve more than 20 years long term under heavy duty circumstance.

● Main new advantages of RCW


Visible ON/OFF indicatorIP67 class waterproof plug connector

1.Apply ANSOFT design the high performance magnetic actuator,high reliable and free maintenance
2.Manual closing device
3.Automatic Blocking Device for Manual opening
4.Mechanical locking device
5.Electronic locking device
6.Mechanical counter
7.Electronic counter
8.Visble on the ground reflector material mechanical open/closer indicator
9.IP67 inflatable tank SF6 Gas insulation,Pneumatic value,barometer
10.Integral type tank .Lifting lug, Earthing bolt
Note:The above parts are optional devices.Please provide requirement before placing an orde


Primacy incomer terminal (directly connect to interrupter reduce power lost) Current sensor (external modular design easy for quality control and maintenance) Accuracy: ±0.5% Ratio:800/1

Vacuum interrupter(Adopt the APG technology,increasing the whole insulation and weathering performance)
Internal Voltage sensors incorporated within the vacuum interrupter module It's equipped with two voltage sensors,one for measuring the voltage of incoming side,and another one for measuring the voltage of outgoing side.

shielded 4-conductor cable connection  Accuracy:±0.2% Voltage Sensor  Ratio:500/1 or 1000/1


● Creepage Distances of RCW

Description 12kV BIL
15kV BIL
38kV BIL
Terminal to terminal creepage 600mm 840mm 1250mm 1380mm
Terminal to ground creepage 510mm 760mm 1200mm 1300mm


● Main technical data

N Item Unit Data
1 Rated max voltage kV 12 15 27 38
2 Rated current A 630/800/1250
3 Rated frequency HZ 50/60
4 Power frequency 1min Dry kV 45 55 65 95
Wet 30 45 55 80
5 Lightning impulse withstand voltage(peak) kV 75/95* 95/100* 125/150* 170/200*
6 Rated short circuit breaking current kA 12.5/16/20/25*
7 Rated short current switching current(peak) kA 31.5/40/50/63*
8 Rated peak value withstand current kA 31.5/40/50/63*
9 4S short time withstand current kA 12.5/16/20/25*
11 Rated operating circulate   O-0.5S-CO-2S-CO-2S-CO
10 Breaking current frequency under rated short circuit time 200
12 Mechanism life time 10000
13 Secondary loop 1 min power frequency withstand kV 2
14 Auxiliary voltage supply Vac 220±20%
15 Battery bank Vdc 12×2
16 Capacitor unit Vdc 220

●Accessories of RCW

All above insulating components for BIL 200kV expanding using. Any question please contact with our engineer.

Upper voltage shield 3 pcs/set

Standard made of T2 copper material, for 630/1250A rated current using. With  expanding range.

Terminal 6 pcs/set

1, Map guide&location  2, Protection setting&Modification   3, Monitoring&Controlling


●Master software for Distribution Automation Management


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