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Supporting Pamir Energy for the Solar Power Project

Publish time: 2020-12-24 11:17:00 View: 1314

Congratulation to Pamir Energy for having completed the solar power project in Tajikistan. Rockwill provides high quality recloser and switchgear for making sure the solar power plant run well in such challenging conditions.

This solar plant brings positive impacts to the people of Murghab. Before Murghab's installation, businesses could not fully operate during the winter due to power interruptions. Murghab's installation represents a 50 percent increase in daytime electricity – meaning communities are now able to pursue activities throughout the day, children can attend heated schools, and homes have power and heat during the long and bitterly cold winter months. Additionally, households no longer need to spend long hours finding firewood to cook meals.

rockwill support Pamir Energy for the Solar Power Projectrockwill auto recloser in Tajikistanrockwill switchgear for pamir energy

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