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ANSI/IEEE C37.60 Standard Auto Recloser in Venezuela

Publish time: 2020-09-30 14:20:00 View: 441

ANSI/IEEE C37.60 standard Auto recloser in Venezuela,Colombia,Brazil,Mexico,Argentina,Paraguay,etc....

Southamerica region auto recloser is actual a standard ANSI C37.60 auto recloser follower.

So Normal standard IEC or Chinese standard GB can not fullly complied.

That is why so many company's auto recloser can not use in other market. there is so many technical barriers.

But, Rockwill is the one who can offer whole solution for any standard auto recloser and more over other switchgear and transformer, step voltage regulator,vacuum circuit breaker, oad break switch,etc.

rockwill Auto Recloser in Venezuela

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