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No.6: Smart SCADA solution achieve greatly cost saving by reducing power line losses !
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Smart SCADA Solution

Achieving greatly cost saving by reducing power line losses


rockwill SCADA project

-- The Distribution automation solutions cases share from India R-APDRP --


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Our SCADA/DMS solution can reduce electricity costs by around 10% per year!


Ⅰ. How many cities have adopted our SCADA solution till now?


Since year of 2009 till now, We had done SCADA/DMS solution projects in FOUR states of India, and the contract value over $50 millions. During the project, we had upgraded,replaced massive of main primary equipments like: Ring main unit, recloser, sectionalizer, load break switch, compact substation, etc.


---- The Main secondary system (SCADA/DMS) works  side Scope of Work is:






---- Features:

1. SCADA/DMS system with seamless integration with GIS , MDM  ,CCC
2. Supervise  & Control  of  66/33/11kV  S/S  &  remote monitorable FPI & remote control /monitorable RMUs .
3. Dispatcher training simulator (DTS)
4. RTU s at all  primary S/s & FRTUs at RMUs & Sectionalizer &Autorecloser
5. Multifunction transducer for RTU/FRTUs
6. Integration to exchange data between SCADA/DMS Control centre & DR & IT system ( Data centre, Customer care centre ,State Load Dispach centre (SLDC) )
7. Unique Design: one common platform for RTU/FRTU
8. APS system: Special Power Panel Design for wide range votage input: substation voltage input from 130V to 290V
9. Training imparted during various project milestones/stages and customize as the utility team requirements
10. In-house SCADA/DMS R&D for customization
11. Communication Between SCADA/DMS CC  & RTUs --- FO –SDH --- Leased line --- VPN Broadband --- MAR --- Between SCADA/DMS CC  & FRTUs /FPIs --- GPRS/ CDMA
12. Protocols --- IEC104 –RTU to control centres ---IEC101 –FRTU/FPI to control centres ---IEC103 –OCEF realy to RTU/FRTU ---MODBUS/IEC62056 -– MFT to RTU/FRTU ---ICCP TASE.2  between main /backup 13. control centre ---Support /compliance to IEC61850 for RTU/ CC
14. Power supply (DG/UPS,DCPS) at control centres, S/s ,FRTUs, FPI locations
15. 5 years Facility Management Services (FMS)


Ⅱ. What are the advantages and benefits of using smartgrid automation (SCADA solution)?


1. Restore power for the affected customers ASAP

2. Improve its system planning, service reliability and operations
3. Reduce aggregate technical & commercial (AT&C) losses
4. Reduce response time for fault identification, isolation and restoration.
5. Reduce operational and maintenance cost
6. Increase revenue thorough minimizing the outage response time
7. Reduce aggregate technical & commercial (AT&C) losses by a operator monitor to the power system with the real-time running state
8. Reduce numbers of outages by a operator can get the monitor and control the power system easily
9. Reduce fault restoration time by a quickly identification, isolation and restoration
10. Reduce operation & maintenance labor cost by some substations no need the operators and began to unattended substations


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