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RVR-1 type installation manual

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single word
The signal words "danger""warning"and "caution" used in this manual indicate the degree of hazard that maybe encountered by the user.these words are defined as:

Danger- indecates an imminently hazardous situation that,if not avoided,will result in death or serious injury

Warning- Indicates a potentially hazardous situation that, if not avoided,could result in death or serious injury

Caution-Indicates a potentially hazardous situation that, if not avoided,may result in minor or moderate injury

caution(without safety alert symbol)-Indicates a potentially hazardous situation that, if not avoided,may result in property damage

Field service operation and warranty issues:
Rockwell can provide competent,well trained field service representatives to provide technical guidance and advisory assistance for the installation,overhaul,repair and maintenance of Rockwell equipment,processes and systems.

Rockwell service Tel:+86(577)2786-9969
or check the website information:

As the developing of the computer teahnology,transducer technology and network communication,and advance od power system network working requirements,primary equipment od single function turn out the inconvenient when in the using of the network,According to the whole power system,developing intelligent integration switch base on terminal it is necessary
based on this idea,Our company developed a RVR-1 Series intelligent intergration outdoor Single Phase 32-Step Voltage Regulator
Rockwell RVR-1 are all comply with relevant standards
IEC 60076
IEC 60068-2-1
IEC 60214-1
IEEE Std C57.91TM
IEEE Std C57.98TM
IEEE Std C57.131TM
IEEE Std C57.12.31TM
IEC 60076 China Standard

2.Using condition
Ambient temperature:-25℃~+40℃,Day temperature difference :25℃
Altitude:≤1000m area
Wind speed no exceeds 35m/s;
No normally intensity vibration
No intersity erosion gas ,medium place(for example acid,alkali,smother eg.)Pollution class:IV class;

3.Reminding before using
The RVR-1 continues to be completely factory adjusted and sealed.Accessories such as a MOV-type extemal series arresters and Bypass Switches.
Equipment included with each RVR-1 Set

RVR-1 Provided and visible
MOV-type extemal series Provided and visible
Bypass Switches Provided and visible
SEL2431  Controller Provided and visible


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