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What is Microcomputer Protection
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1.     Advantages of microcomputer protection

1.1  High reliability: a microcomputer protection unit can perform a variety of protection and monitoring functions. Instead of various protective relays and measuring instruments, it simplifies the connection between switch cabinet and control panel, thus reducing the fault link of related equipment and improving the reliability. The microcomputer protection unit adopts the chip with high integration, and the software has the function of automatic detection and error correction, and also improves the reliability of protection.

1.2  High precision, fast speed and many functions. The measurement part digitization greatly improves its precision. CPU speed can make various events timed in ms, and software function can be improved through a variety of complex algorithms to complete a variety of protection functions.

1.3  With great flexibility, the protection and control characteristics can be easily changed by software, and various interlocks can be realized by logical judgment. One type of hardware can constitute different types of protection by using different software.

1.4  Easy to maintain and debug, few types of hardware, unified lines, simple external wiring, greatly reduce the maintenance workload, protection debugging and setting by using the input button or the computer, debugging simple and convenient.

1.5  Due to the multi-function of microcomputer protection, the comprehensive cost of measuring, controlling and protecting part of transformer distribution station is reduced. High reliability and high speed can reduce power outage time, save manpower, and improve economic benefits.


2.     Features of microcomputer protection device

In addition to the advantages of microcomputer protection mentioned above, the microcomputer protection device has the following characteristics compared with similar products:

2.1  Variety complete: microcomputer protection device, variety is particularly complete, can meet all kinds of types of transformer substation equipment of all kinds of protection requirements, which provides a great convenience to transformer substation design and computer networking.

2.2  Hardware using the latest chips to improve the technical sophistication, using 80 c196kb CPU, measurement for 14 A/D conversion, analog input circuit as many as 24 road, collect the data using signal processing chip of DSP processing, using the fast Fourier transform, get the fundamental wave to 8 times harmonic, special software automatic correction, ensure the high precision of measurement. A multi-CPU system is formed by using dual-port RAM and CPU to transform data, and CAN bus is used for communication. It has the characteristics of high communication rate (up to 100MHZ, generally running at 80 or 60MHZ) and strong anti-interference ability. The keyboard and LCD unit can be used to conveniently observe the scene and set various protection modes and protection parameters.

2.3  Hardware design in the power supply, analog input, switch input and output, communication interface adopts special isolation and anti-interference measures, strong anti-interference ability, in addition to the centralized panel, can be directly installed on the switch cabinet.

2.4  The software has rich functions. In addition to various measurement and protection functions, it can complete fault recording (1-second high-speed fault recording and 9-second dynamic fault recording), harmonic analysis and small current grounding line selection by cooperating with the upper processing computer.

2.5  RS232 and CAN communication mode CAN be selected to support a variety of remote transmission protocols and facilitate networking with a variety of computer management systems.

2.6  Wide temperate background 240×128 large LCD display, easy to operate, beautiful display.

2.7  High integration, small volume, light weight, convenient for centralized panel installation and scattered installation on the switch cabinet.


3.     Range of Application

3.1  Small and medium-sized power plants and their booster substation.

3.2  110 kV /35 kV /10 kV regional substation.

3.3  Urban 10 kV power grid 10 kV switching substation

3.4  User 110 kV /10kV or 35kV /10kV general step-down substation

3.5  User 10kV substation


4.     Types of Microcomputer Protection Devices

4.1  Line protection device: Microcomputer line protection device, Microcomputer capacitance protection device, Microcomputer direction line protection device, Microcomputer zero sequence distance line protection device, Microcomputer transverse current direction line protection device.

4.2  Main device protection device: Microcomputer differential protection device for two-winding and three-winding transformer, Microcomputer transformer backup protection device, Microcomputer generator differential protection device, Microcomputer generator backup protection device, Microcomputer generator backup protection device, Microcomputer motor differential protection device, Microcomputer motor protection device, Transformer protection device for microcomputer factory (station)

4.3  Measuring and control device: Microcomputer telemetry and telecontrol device, Microcomputer remote regulating device, Microcomputer automatic synchronization device, Microcomputer self-power input device, Microcomputer PT switching device, Microcomputer pulse electric degree measuring device, Microcomputer multi-function variable transmission measuring device, Microcomputer disassembly device.

4.4  Management unit: Communication unit, Management unit.

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