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What is Rural Power Grid Transformation
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1. Implications of rural power grid transformation

In China, the 110kV and below distribution network that supplies power to users in counties, villages and towns, agricultural reclamation areas and forestry and animal husbandry areas at the county level is called rural power grid. At present, the existing rural power grid can not meet the production and living needs of farmers and herdsmen, so it is necessary to upgrade the rural power grid. Rural power grid transformation and upgrading refers to the new construction of rural power grid facilities such as substations and lines, as well as the local or overall local or remote construction, capacity increase and equipment replacement of existing rural power grid facilities.


2. Line standards for rural power grid transformation

(1).In the power system, the facilities and equipment connecting power generation and consumption are collectively referred to. It belongs to the intermediate link of power transmission and distribution. It is mainly composed of power transmission lines, substations, distribution stations and distribution lines connected into a network. Generally, the unified whole of power generation and consumption composed of transmission, transformation, distribution equipment and corresponding auxiliary systems is called power network. Generally, our country uses 220 volts.

(2) The construction standard of "three applies and one standard" should be actively adopted in the transformation and upgrading of rural power network to ensure the project quality. Apply new technologies, new products and new processes to improve the level of equipment. Adhere to green development. After the materials recovered from the demolition pass the inspection, they should be used for power grid construction and transformation step by step.

(3) For low-voltage overhead lines in densely populated urban and rural areas, 12m or more concrete poles with a slight diameter of no less than 190mm should be used; Concrete poles of 8m and above should be used in other areas, with a slight diameter of no less than 150mm. Considering the demand of load development, the poles of 10kV line can be selected to reserve channels for 10kV line extension.

Rural Power Grid Transformation and upgrade

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