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Vacuum sectionalizer
RSW type pole mounted vacuum sectionalizer. It applies up to 24KV,400/630A, 50Hz/60Hz. ...

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RSW type pole mounted vacuum sectionalizer

RSW type Pole-mounted load-break switch(Pole-LBS) applies up to 24KV,400/630A, 50Hz pole-LBS associated with a state-of- the-art controller.

This SF6 gas-insulated switch can be corporated with the distribution automation system, and also isolate section of distribution line from the control center.

It is a simple pole-mounting arrangement contribute to quick and low cost installation, and the switch can be operated manually with a electronic controller. Electronic controller is contained in a stainless steel cabinet for an all weather environmental conditions. Remote monitoring and control can also be provided mounting wire or wireless modem in a cabinet.

RSW type vacuum load break switch can be combined with CT/PT and smart controller for achieving a smart sectionalizer, which is muti-function load break switch with senior relay protection and communication.


Service environment:

a)Air temperature: Maximum temperature:+85℃; Minimum temperature:-45℃.

b)Humidity:Monthlu average humidity 95%; Daily average humidity 90%.

c)Altitude above sea level: Maximum installation altitude:2500m or higher.

d)Ambient air not apparently polluted by corrosive and flammable gas, vapor, etc.

e)No frequent violent shake.


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Descriptions Rating
Rated voltage 12KV/24KV
Rated current 630A
Rated frequency 50Hz
Rated short-time current 20KA(r.m.s),4 sec.
Rated making current 50KA(peak),3 times
Load current breaking 400/630A, 30 times
Cable charging current breaking 25A, 10times
Line charging current breaking 1.5A, 10 times
Magnetic current breaking 22A, 10 times
Main contact No voltage breaking Ground contact 5000 times   2000 times
Closing time Operating timings Opening time <1.0 sec.   <1.0 sec.
Dry condition, 1minute Power-frequency withstand voltage Wet condition, 10sec. 50KV/60KV   34KV/50KV
Impulse withstand voltage(1.2*50us) 95kV/145kV
Rated voltage Controller          Power frequency withstand voltage Impulse withstand voltgae(1.2*50us) 220V
2KV rms,minute
6KV peak

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