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Load break switch manufacturer

Rockwill, the leading manufacturer of load break switch in china, with ISO certificated and STL member type tested products.

ALL Rockwill brand LBS ( load break switch ) is offering a 30 years quality warraty.

Now days, Excced 100,000 nos Load break switch in service over world which isRockwill brand/made.

RPS type sf6 gas load break switch can be equipped with different accessories achieve as Sectionalizer.

Other option function components for RPS SF6 gas LBS as below:

Outdoor epoxy resin bushing

Outdoor silicone rubber bushing

Porcelain Bushing

Outdoor silicone rubber bushingwith extensible cable.

Current sensor

Voltage sensor

Surge arrester

Auxiliary potential transformer

Sectionalizer controller



We are looking for local agent or localization assembly workshop partner!

Partner with Rockwill, Benefits you more!

Rockwill Electric provide with whole solution partnership cooperation for region area.

We share with technology and management and resource cooperation FOR load break siwtch GIS switchgear,Ring main unit and sectionalizer and recloser as well as power transformer and step voltage regulator.

We can do whole solutions for your local manufacturering in your country.

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