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R5000 Static Var Generator SVG
SVG is the representative of the latest technology in the field of reactive power compensation, SVG is connected in parallel to the power grid, which is equivalent to a variable reactive current source. ...

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SVG is the representative of the latest technology in the field of reactive power compensation, SVG is connected in parallel to the power grid, which is equivalent to a variable reactive current source. Its reactive current can quickly change with the change of reactive load current and compensate the reactive power required by the system automatically . Because SVG has a very short response time, it is also called Static Synchronous Compensator (STATCOM).

Instead of using large-capacity capacitors and inductors, the R5000 SVG uses a high-frequency switch of power electronic devices to achieve a conversion of reactive energy.


Application Fields

E5000 SVG is widely used in petrochemical, metallurgy, electric power, coal, electrified railways, ports, wind power plants and other industrial fields with impact loads and large-capacity motors, which can save energy and reduce power consumption、improve power factor, it can significantly improve the safety and stability of the grid and improve the power quality.


Basic Principle

Three Operation Modes:
Constant Voltage: taking the control point voltage as the control target, taking into account the power factor.
Constant Power Factor:taking the control point power factor as the control target, taking into account the voltage.
Constant Reactive Power: the given reactive power value is used as the output target.


Protection Functions

 ● Overcurrent protection

 ● Over-voltage protection
● Under-voltage protection
● Over-voltage protection of the Power Unit
● Over-temperature protection of the Power Unit
● Short-circuit protection of the Power Unit
● Communication fault protection
● Control power fault protection
● Input phase lack protection



1) Flexible I/O card expansion for on-site operational logic
2) Real-time monitoring of the Power Unit status,digital quantitative analysis
3) Patented DC voltage equalization control based on droop characteristics to ensure  equalizing voltage accuracy
4) Patented flexible start-up technology to ensure zero current impact during grid connection
5) Perfect protection algorithm, online system status self-test to ensure system reliability
6) Redundant design and modular design to meet the high reliability requirements of the system

7)Modular design of the Power Unit,easy to maintain and replace
8)Support RS485, Ethernet, DCS hard contact for communication, integrate multiple communication protocols
9) Lower heating value,smaller area occupied and only half of the same capacity SVC device
10) Excellent anti-electromagnetic interference characteristics,up to grade IV
11) Can be installed in parallel,easy to expand capacity



(1)Improve the transmission stability of the power grid

Install the SVG device on the long-distance transmission line, it can compensate  the reactive power consumption under normal operating conditions, raise the  line voltage, improve the effective capacity of transmission; and provide timely reactive  power adjustion in case of system failure, thereby damping the system oscillation and  improving the stability of the power grid.


(2)Harmonic control

The E5000 SVG does not generate harmonics and has  active filtering function(APF), it can control harmonics while reactive power compensation.

(3) Suppress voltage flicker

The E5000 SVG can provide varying reactive currents to compensate load change, suppress voltage fluctuation and flicker .

(4)Compensate system reactive power, improve power factor, reduce line loss.

Rated Capacity:0~±30Mvar(Air cooling)

Network Voltage:6kV/10kV/27.5kV/35kV

Network Frequency:50Hz/60Hz

Power Factor:≥0.98

Power Semiconductor:IGBT

Response Time:≤5ms

Product Life:≥20 years

Cooling Mode:Force-air cooling,water-cooling

IP Grade:IP30(Special requirements can be customized)

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