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Recloser functions
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The ring line recloser provides Loss of Supply and Automatic Backfeed Restoration functionality required for loop automation and self-healing schemes. The ring line recloser provides protection against the same faults as the radial line recloser. The ring line recloser has directional element to determine power flow direction. Ring line recloser has independently configurable sets of settings for direct and reverse power flow direction.

The recloser is used to automate various networks where traditional time and current grading is impossi- ble. Unlike a conventional recloser, the recloser can be used in ring and meshed networks and self-healing schemes. Any number of  reclosers can be connected in series.

Protection elements against short circuit, high impedance earth fault, low system voltage and low system fre- quency faults are provided with independent reclosing elements.

The ring line recloser is provided with a unique setting-free source detector. The source detector continuously detects the direction the power flows through the recloser main contacts.
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