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Smart APP for recloser and sectionalizer

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Smart Phone APP software for recloser,load break switch,sectionalizer,step voltage regulator,smart transformer and vacuum circuit breaker


Mobile Client Operation

(Available only in public network)

Downloading the power housekeeper client to user's mobile phone,then the user can manage the power network anytime and anywhere.


Functional description

1.login interface

Enter the account and password, login to the client system of the mobile phone.

2.main interface

After logging into the device list interface, the device can be added and the circuit breaker switching status of the equipment has been added

3.Equipment operation interface

Click the operation button of the corresponding circuit breaker at the device list interface and enter the operating interface of the circuit breaker

3.1.Control interface

The interface can be used for remote control (open, close and refresh) and checking the device status and current and voltage values.

3.2. Map navigation

Click "Map" in the menu bar below the page and switch to the map navigation page.Look at the location of the device, and directly generatethe best path of the device through navigation, so that users can reach the failure point for maintenance at the first time.


Click "Power" in the menu bar below the page and switch to the power page.Each device can set up 7 mobile phone numbers. Look at the phone number of each device by "Refresh", change the number and role of the mobile phone by "modify". Each number has three roles "Off, ADMIN and USER". OFF means that the phone number is invalid, ADMIN means that the phone number has a modified and querying function and USER means that the phone number is only a query function.

4.More menu

More menu include “Time”, “Set”, “Event”      and “Device”. Click "More" in the menu bar below the page.


The time of the device is calibrated by the  mobile phone.


In this menu, you can see the device protection dropping and theprotection value,and can change the protection value and drop through the mobile phone.Each page is independent, it need be refreshed when enter every page(Different series of controllers have different settings).


Check the various action events that occur on the line for the user to view the analysis.


Modifying and deleting the phone number and device name of the device(The phone number is from the SIM card of the controller).


in the system, and it is convenient for the location of the fault location to be easy to repair in time


Look at all kinds of action events that occur on all lines in the system for users to view the analysis.


The name and password of the administrator can be modified.

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