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Auto Recloser Standard
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High voltage switchgear and controlgear – Part 111:  Overhead, pad-mounted, dry vault, and submersible automatic circuit reclosers and fault interrupters for alternating current systems up to 38 kV

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International Standard IEC/IEEE 62271-111 has been processed through IEC subcommittee 17A: High-voltage switchgear and controlgear, of IEC technical committee 17: Switchgear and controlgear.

The text of this standard is based on the following documents:

IEEE Std FDIS Report on voting

C37.60 (2003) 17A/737/FDIS 17A/746/RVD

Full information on the voting for the approval of this standard can be found in the report on

voting indicated in the above table.

This publication has been drafted in accordance with the ISO/IEC Directives.

The committee has decided that the contents of this publication will remain unchanged

until 2008.

The list of all the parts of IEC 62271 series, under the general title High-voltage switchgear

and controlgear, can be found on the IEC website.

1. Scope

This standard applies to all overhead, pad-mounted, dry vault, and submersible single- or multipole alternating current automatic circuit reclosers and fault interrupters for rated maximum voltages above 1000 V and up to 38 kV.

In order to simplify this standard where possible, the term recloser/FI (reclosers/FIs) has been substituted for automatic circuit recloser or fault interrupter or both.

NOTE—When reclosers are applied in a substation, special considerations may apply, see

2. References

This standard shall be used in conjunction with the following publications. When the following publications are superseded by an approved revision, the revision shall apply.

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[12:40 7/8/03 K:/SGML/Ieee/C37.60-2003/Revises-III/C.37.60-2003.3d] Ref: C.37.60-2003 Page: 101–702

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The IEEE standards or products referred to in Clause 2 are trademarks owned by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics

Engineers, Inc.


IEEE publications are available from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 445 Hoes Lane, P.O. Box 1331,

Piscataway, NJ 08855-1331, USA (

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