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SCADA system for distribution to substation automation

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SCADA system for distribution line to substation network

Application switchgear and equipments: Rockwill standard auto recloser, load break switch, sectioanlizer, vacuum circuit breaker, ring main unit, metering unit and compact substation, smart transformer, step voltage regulator, etc.

Today, as the development of market economy, reform of the electronic automation is  stringendo, the quality of power supply is more and more important. But the running environment of overhead transmission line is complex, the line often be break down by electricity failure, such as the overcurrent, earthfault and so on. If the fault cannot be repaired in the first time, will cause huge losses .Our company developed a system which can achieve fault location for it. The system is fit to install in the control center of electricity board. The system collect data(current, voltage, fault event ,input and so on) from the controller with the GPRS.
RWZ-1000 system of electronic automation collect data from the controller which is installed at various points of distribution feeders. It can monitor the distribution feeders in real time, so that operators on duty can know the running status of distribution feeders and get the fault alarm in the first time.
The controller monitor the current of the line. When the current is abnormal ,the controller trip the circuit breaker and upload the fault event to the server which have installed the RWZ-1000 system, both of the control center and the user’s mobile phone can receive the alarm about the fault. So that the maintainer can find the point of failure and troubleshoot to reduced outage time of users.
The user also can access the system with your mobile phone, no matter where you are, you can know the status of distribution feeders. It can improve the management level of distribution feeders and quality of power supply.
Handy tool
RWZ-1000 system of electronic automation adopts B/S structure, user can access the system with the Web browser. This model unified the client, realize the system function by the server. Compare with the traditional C/S structure, It Simplify the deployment, maintenance and use of the system. The greatest strength of the system is you can access the system in everywhere without install a client, all you need is just a computer which can connect to the Internet. The mobile phone client realize the function of mobile terminal management, you can view and manage the distribution feeders no matter where and when.



Four remotes Remote sign, remote measure, remote control, remote adjustment
Fault alarm Audio alarm, SMS alarm
Device for positioning See the position of the controller in the satellite map
Event record Trip record, alarm record, signal record
Data of distribution feeders. Show the current and voltage data in the system.
History of measuring Show the history of the measuring data
Curve of measuring Show the curve of the measuring data
User management Classification user purview control mechanism
System management Hierarchical management system partitions
Mobile phone client See the status of distribution feeders and receive the fault alarm



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