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Routine test standard for Auto Recloser
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Auto Recloser Routine test

Per IEC 62271-111 / ANSI / IEEE C37.60 Standard


All applicable production tests shall be made by the manufacturer on each recloser, at the factory after final assembly except that the partial discharge tests may be performed on subassemblies as described in 7.4.
Production tests shall include the following:
a) Calibration
b) Control, secondary wiring and accessory device test
c) Dielectric withstand test; 1-min. dry power-frequency
d) Partial discharge test
e) No load mechanical operation test
f) Water leak test; submersible reclosers/FIs only
g) Gas leak test (gas-filled reclosers/FIs only). Maximum permissible gas leak rate not to exceed a minimum 10-year replenishment period.
7.1 Reclosing and overcurrent trip calibration
Reclosers/FIs shall be subjected to the following calibration, where applicable, for conformance to published time–current characteristic curves. Calibration may be performed on the individual control elements subassembly prior to final assembly on the recloser. When the latter is done, the effect of the operating time on the recloser/FI shall be recognized, and the complete assembly shall be tested to assure that the device will trip the recloser. A sinusoidal wave shape current at a convenient voltage shall be used. The calibration may be performed in any order deemed appropriate by the manufacturer.
a) Minimum tripping current test (see 6.6)
b) Trip settings
c) Time current tests (see
d) Sequencing tests
e) Remote features
f) Special features
7.2 Control, secondary wiring, and accessory devices check tests
Control, secondary wiring, and accessory devices shall be checked to ensure that all connections have been made correctly. Devices and relays, if needed, shall be checked by actual operation where feasible. Those circuits for which operation is not feasible shall be checked for continuity.
7.3 Dielectric withstand test; 1-min. dry power-frequency
The test shall be conducted in accordance with 6.2 except that Test 4 of 6.2.3 shall not be required. The duration of the test may be reduced to 10 s if a voltage of 110% of that specified in is used.
7.4 Partial discharge test
Partial discharge tests shall be performed on all reclosers/FIs that use a nonrestoring dielectric as the primary insulation (e.g., solid dielectric). Tests shall be performed as specified in 6.7 except that modular testing of components is permitted in all cases. The manufacturer shall establish the appropriate test limits for each test object.
7.5 Mechanical operations tests
The mechanical operations tests shall include the following:
a) Inspection of the external parts
b) Manual tripping by the tripping lever
c) Without trouble or malfunction, 25 consecutive operational tests to check performance of a mechanism, sequencing, and time devices. Shunt-trip reclosers/FIs shall have five operations performed at minimum control voltage.
7.6 Water leak test
A suitable leak test shall be performed on submersible reclosers/FIs to ensure that they will operate under service conditions as outlined in Item c) of 4.1.

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