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What is Outdoor Pole Mounted SF6 Load Break Switch

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RPS outdoor pole mounted SF6 load break switch

Introduction of Pole Mounted SF6 Load Break Switch

The RPS type SF6 load break switch (SF6 LBS) is a pole-mounted load beaker switch independently developed by Wenzhou Rockwill Electric Co., Ltd.

SF6 LBS is suitable for load current, overload current breaking and closing in a voltage range of 11~40.5kV distribution network ,also can automatically isolate faulty distribution lines.

The switch can be equipped with an intelligent controller, which can be operated manually, electrically and remotely.

The controller is installed in a stainless steel box and can adapt to various extreme environments.

In addition, it equipped the cables and modems for users who need remote controlling and monitoring.

Fast installation, fast operation, low cost, free maintenance, and long service life reduce construction costs and future maintenance costs.


Features of RPS Pole Mounted SF6 Load Break Switch

a. Rockwill RPS type uses high-purity SF6 gas and no flame-retardant dielectric, which makes LBS have excellent arc quenching performance.

b. Advanced and Integrated helium leakage detecting and filling equipment, which ensuring SF6 leakage of each switch is less than 0.1% strictly per year.

c. RPS Provide a variety of bushing for users to choose: silicone rubber bushing, epoxy resin bushing and Porcelain Bushing.

d. Electric operating mechanism and manual operating mechanism are selected by user.

e. The independent spring operation mechanism adopt ROCKWILL® patent spiral spring, provides a guaranteed load

break fault make capability by ensuring the opening and closing speed of the switch.

f. The high quality 3 mm stainless steel are used for tank, which is designed for its maximum robustness and minimum welding line to minimize corrosion, and specifically to guarantee the safety of the operation personnel even with the internal arc faults at the maximum fault capacity of the tank the RPS can withstands an internal fault without venting hot gases.

g. IEC62271-103(2011) standards for testing.

h. The RPS is provided with light reflecting position indicator which are directly connected to the switch operating shaft providing clear and unambiguous switch position indication. Indicator made of light reflecting material, which is easily visible from ground level even at night in driving rain.

i. The arc extinguishing time is short,Contact consumption is small and free of maintenance and replacement of disconnected part.

j. RPS Can be operated manually on the ground. Remote operation can also be realized.

k. Motor drive, which easily retrofitted on site to manually operated units.


Operating Environment of RPS Pole Mounted SF6 Load Break Switch

Ambient temperature range: -40℃---+50℃

Altitude: ≤3000m

Operating place: Keep away from flammable and explosive objects, and not frequent severe vibrations      

Pollution level: Class III, Class IV


Type Test Report of RPS Pole Mounted SF6 Load Break Switch

The RPS type of pole mounted SF6 load breaker switch independently designed and produced by ROCKWILL has passed a comprehensive type test in the KEMA laboratory in the Netherlands. During the KEMA test certification, the RPS load break switch (11kV, 22kV ,33kV) has shown excellent technical level and performance and has been awarded the praise by KEMA laboratory test engineers.


RPS Inquiry and Selection



P or S



H or E


Rated Current


Rated short-time withstand current

RPS- The type for SF6 load break switch. 

P for Porcelain Bushing,S for Silicone Rubber Bushing.

H for Manual operation mechanism, E for Electric operation mechanism.

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